Japanese 900p: Comparison of Yakuza 0 on Xbox One Appears

The creator of the series Toshihiro Nagoshi recommends that players begin to get acquainted with the series with Yakuza 0.

Well, even if the creator of the series says so, then I’ll definitely start with it … the main thing is to find the time.

In fact, I would doubt the words of the creator here.

On the one hand, according to the chronology of the history of Yakuza 0 is really the first, but there is one subtlety – it was made after Yakuza 5, and made just like a prequel, primarily for those who played the previous games. That is, many moments there are spoiler-like and stupid will not allow some plot twists of the following parts to become as unexpected as they could be when you know where the legs grow from all this, and some moments are reversed so that you know how it turned around in the future was surprised, now it turns out what went, and this effect is also lost.

Therefore, I’m sorry that I argue with the creator of the series, but IMHO, it would be much more correct to start from the first part, and play Yakuza 0 right after the sixth.

But this is my opinion, of course you can not agree with him.