Jansen’s Moving Castle: First Look at the Xbox version of Last Oasis

Polish studio this week Donkey crew organized a presentation of her MMO for journalists and bloggers Last oasis… I also found a suitable reason, because from March 26, the game can be viewed on consoles Xbox one and Xbox series x

Last Oasis is another survival simulator, but it stands out against the background of the same type of competitors due to its unusual setting. According to the synopsis, the planet Earth stopped rotating, as a result of which the Sun begins to burn out all life on the surface.

For the sake of survival, people became nomads who constantly flee from the deadly rays, while simultaneously trying to find water. All other gameplay mechanics are subordinated to this.

The game map is divided into oasis hexes, which are separate locations that players can visit. Water is the main resource, so the developers abandoned the hunger parameter, leaving only thirst. To get to another oasis, you need to have enough liquid (you can get it from cacti), as well as build Hoduns.

Hoduns are the main decoration of Last Oasis. The Poles took inspiration from the work of the Dutch sculptor Theo Jansen, who builds the so-called kinetic machines. The latter can move due to the force of the wind caught by the huge sails, thanks to which the mechanisms come to life.

The main task is to collect resources for the construction of walkers. Several variations of the technique are available in the MMO, including even flying specimens reminiscent of the work of Leonardo da Vinci (new for the new season). On Hoduns, you can store water for movement between hexes, equip them with siege weapons and engage in battles with opponents’ vehicles. There are even huge Hoduns that turn into stationary forts!

Donkey Crew dedicated her presentation to the start of the third season, within which the nomads are waiting for many innovations. So, the developers revised the concept of the world.

According to the idea, the Sun is gradually burning out the oases, which makes some regions inaccessible, but others open up. All players were present on one global map, and with the proper skill, the Europeans could get to the Asians. Therefore, people did not feel the changes in the world around them and had problems finding other nomads. With the start of the third season, the worlds will become more compact, which will positively affect the gameplay.

The new season has put a lot of emphasis on PvE content. Walker fights are still a priority entertainment, but now players will be offered new activities.

This was demonstrated on the example of a new oasis. In the center of the location, there are giant stone spiers on which a large city is built. To get to it, you need to use flying machines and do not forget about the grappling hook. The assault on the settlement will be a difficult task that requires the coordinated efforts of the nomads.

Simpler tasks are also available. For example, you can capture a camp guarded by computer dummies. After clearing the location, players will receive valuable loot.

The developers also demonstrated a new weather phenomenon – a storm. And the most experienced players will be able to test themselves by organizing a hunt for world bosses: a giant crab or a sand worm. In addition, fragments of the destroyed moon periodically fall from the sky, storing valuable resources.

Donkey Crew has spent a lot of time and effort porting Last Oasis to consoles. However, the demo build was launched on PC, since streaming from devkits is a problematic task.

The Xbox One version produces about 30 FPS, although drawdowns of up to 25 frames per second are possible. The Xbox One X version boasts higher graphics settings.

The Poles have not yet begun to create a separate version for the Xbox Seriex X | S, but the owners of the new generation consoles will be able to count on a more stable frame rate. Later, the developers hope to release an update, as well as add RTX and DLSS support to the PC.

An important gameplay feature of the third season of Last Oasis will be crossplay. PC and Xbox One players will be able to play together peacefully, although there are a number of nuances. However, the function can always be turned off.

At the moment, console players will not be able to rent private servers. But no one forbids you to visit a friend playing on a PC.

On Xbox One, you can play not only with a gamepad, but also by connecting a keyboard and mouse (the interface will automatically change). At the start of the third season, there are small bugs with the display of a number of elements, but soon Donkey Crew promises to fix them.

Last Oasis is available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. The developers are aiming for a release in 2023, although no one is rushing them. Therefore, they want to polish all aspects of their creation at a calm pace. This also applies to localization – on the PC, the team was faced with the fact that support for several languages ‚Äč‚Äčtakes too much effort. Now the priority is given to the English version, and closer to the release, the studio will add new languages.

Author: Vadim Syedin (Vadim2)

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