“It’s All Lost”: Players Furious After First Major Outriders Patch

There is nothing worse than losing all the accumulated game progress, especially if you have spent several dozen or even more than a hundred hours playing the game. This is exactly what happened to players in the recently released co-op shooter Outriders after the first major patch on Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC

The update, designed to fix a number of errors, caused an extremely unpleasant bug, due to which some players lost all equipment from their inventory, which in some cases could take about a hundred hours of gameplay. The forums are full of complaints.

“Everything was lost. 94 hours of play wasted, almost the entire build was lost. This is some kind of joke. When you enter the game, the goal is like a falcon, and the server cannot connect,” the player complains.

“Adies, Outriders,” writes the Wolphoenix redditor. “Inventory cleaned up and can’t load my progress after 80 hours – that was the last straw.”

“In thirty years of playing experience, there has never been a time when I played more than 50 hours, and after that the game erased my progress,” – says the angry player under the nickname SneakeyPetey.

“I’ve had enough of this lewdness. I played on an expedition with random people, and then I spawned completely naked and the game crashed. Restarting the game, I saw that after 40 hours my pyromancer was without equipment, and I could not connect to the servers … spent 70 euros. ”

Lost everything. And can’t even load back in. Fuck man. from r / outriders

The developers themselves from People can fly apologized, stating that they were doing everything possible to fix the problem.

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