It Takes Two, Stellaris, Valheim, The Forest – in the fresh Steam chart – Igromania

In the fresh chart Steamwhere games are ranked by weekly revenue, the lead has finally taken over It Takes Two, which bypassed the only new product in the top 10 – the recently released expansion Stellaris: Nemesis

Debuted at the beginning of the month Outriders is now inferior Sea of ​​thieves and is in fifth position, overtaking Valheim… At the same time, thanks to discounts, it returned to the top ten The forest, which can be purchased for 174 rubles during the day.

Also at the end of the list are Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Forza horizon 4 and Satisfactory

Chart from 12 to 18 April

  1. It Takes Two
  2. Stellaris: Nemesis (novelty)
  3. Valve Index VR Kit
  4. Sea of ​​thieves
  5. Outriders
  6. Valheim
  7. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
  8. The forest
  9. Forza horizon 4
  10. Satisfactory.

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