It seems that the creator of Minecraft is thinking of returning to the gaming industry

Swedish programmer and game designer Marcus Perssonbetter known as Notch, is famous for having founded the company in 2009 with Carl Mannech and Jacob Porser Mojang ab and released a popular game Minecraft. Five years later, Persson sold all the rights to the corporation project. Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars and left the team, becoming one of the richest people in the world.

However, apparently, he, like all other developers who left the industry, became bored, and Persson was seriously thinking about returning. To test the way, Notch decided to ask on Twitter what his fans expected him to do. More precisely, the creation of small projects alone or the formation of a team of professionals for the development of large commercial games.

“Purely theoretically, what would you prefer: me as an independent developer of small free projects or me who founded the studio to create polished commercial products?” Asks Markus Persson.

Persson admitted that this issue is part of his personality. The developer seeks to find the answer to it, feeling that he is currently at a crossroads.

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