Iron Harvest will receive Operation Eagle add-on with an alternative version of the USA – review addiction

Publisher Deep silver and developers from the studio KING Art announced the addition Operation eagle for real time strategy Iron harvest

Main innovations:

  • Usonia faction (alternate US version) with over 20 units;
  • story campaign for Usonia (single player or co-op) with over 25 minutes of new cutscenes;
  • three playable heroes;
  • air units for all factions;
  • air defense for all factions;
  • multiplayer maps;
  • playable allies from a certain secret faction.

Operation Eagle will be released on May 27 in Steam, Epic Games Store and GOGbut exclusively in the store Valve will be a standalone add-on.

Players who only purchase Operation Eagle on Steam will be able to complete the Usonia campaign, play multiplayer matches on new maps, complete the first 5 missions of the Polania campaign (tutorial), and play multiplayer matches as Usonia or Polania.

At the same time, owners of only the main game will be able to play multiplayer matches on new maps with DLC owners, as well as use new air units and air defense in multiplayer.

Iron Harvest is currently running a free weekend on the Steam version. At the same time, the game can be bought with a 50% discount for 542 rubles.

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