But there are some horror, that there is little sense in general, the obstacles are overcome one algorithm, and scary once. Unfortunately, iRec – this is exactly the case.

Review of iREC

We offer to play for a police officer investigating a possible link with the transport company traffickers. Armed with a flashlight, a camera and a universal password for all computers, it is the dead of night breaks into the office to find conclusive evidence.

Actually, this is the starting point: you get out of the ventilation hatch in the small back room. You can interact with certain objects, sometimes you have to use the zoom, but that, in general, everything. At first, everything seems to goes as expected: dark, ominous rumble, the first puzzle and the view through the camera lens, giving a slight resemblance to what is happening Outlast. But the game starts to pass quickly enough.

Everything begins with the most universal password for the computer. As a rule, if the gameplay provides this kind of hacking, the correct password should either choose or find. And at first it seems that iRec similar situation because at some point, the arm comes across statements to the name of one of the employees and corporate ID. But no, it was much easier.

In addition to this, you need to investigate the files do not even have to look for: you just press “E” to download some information, while on the desktop hanging a couple of games (be sure to horror, from Resident Evil to Allison Road) and zachem- it is absolutely a saved all employees of the company e-mail with a denunciation.

Review of iREC

Next – worse. The developers promise a terrifying secret that brave policeman accidentally reveals during his outing. Honestly, it is a little fit in drug trafficking, and nothing mystical in it there; it can cause confusion unless. But after that start jigsaw puzzles, and it seemed a little gameplay should come to life, but no.

Let’s start with the fact that they are elementary solved: the prompts not far to seek, in most cases, you just need to get the corresponding number for the door lock code. Furthermore, after the first level of the search for solutions narrowed to, say, finding one specific object. After that, you just have to calculate the correct sequence of numbers and voila.

This, however, does not manage to completely withdraw from ourselves and lose faith in the indie horror, as the game is short enough – thanks to the developers and how – but completely kills the interest and makes inert passage.

Review of iREC

iRec could save the environment, but here it is pumped up. Despite the fact that the developers have obviously inspired by worthy representatives of the genre, the game did not come out even a little scary.

Yet, for a truly frightening environment requires a bit more elements than the darkness, broken televisions and a mysterious cloaked figure. It is fair to say that once the game managed to make me wince, but more because of the surprise.

On the other hand, there are things iRec, the presence of the combination, and, most importantly, the need for which can not be explained by anything. For example, the video Nazi propaganda, the Masonic all-seeing eye, the encryption that never useful, inventory and more. They did not give the story any new prospects, do not explain and do not build any connections.

Another fun watch, not related to the quality of the game itself: on one computer, I came across an archive with the nickname letspleera and postscript “porn gay”. I have no idea what he did annoy Labory studio, but used to using “the subtlest” humor insult the offender – it somehow … doubtful.

Review of iREC

Perhaps, iRec could save a spectacular ending. Alas, again by. At the end of the passage I could not get rid of the question: “And here is the room, Riddle – all for the sake of the final? Really?”. Traffickers in Labory view, apparently, not only are the Masons, the Nazis, but they are still not very smart guys with a bunch of free time.

Despite the fact that the passage of a fairly short space of research players is relatively large. This game is, in principle, did not apply for plausibility, but it is so illogical ending – is a bullet in the forehead of her fluttered in agony metaphorical calf. In all of this irrespective of your final choice, the outcome will be the same; the only difference is only that if you call a model citizen or tell you that you did a bad thing.