Invisible, Inc.

This relationship was unhappy from the outset. I reached for it, trying to figure out what she was thinking, in what other trouble will involve me. Invisible, Inc. He behaved coldly and calculatedly. Like a patient with gonorrhea Indian prostitute, talking to you, ‘Put on a condom, darling, I have a health problem. ” But you at that point anyway, you will be treated later.

And Invisible, Inc. all the time playing with you like a cat and a cockroach crawled on his head from under the sink. At the beginning of the game she says to you, it all depends on you. In confirmation of these words gives to choose not just the level of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult), and completely fit an adventure by itself. For example, we can choose the number of available “return” to step back. If you take the standard five pieces, you five times during the mission will be able to “move on.” You want less? No issues complicate their lives. Do you want to make it easier? Increase the number of “return” and stop whining already!

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Further, developers quickly explain what is happening here. You – a group of secret agents who try to stop an international corporation, according to the tradition dreaming dominate the whole world. For everything you have 72 hours.

This relationship was unhappy from the outset.

Available missions scattered throughout the global map (hello, XCOM: Enemy Unknown !). And the passage of each of them will give a definite bonus to your team.

For example, you need to install the agent in the new implant (how are you, of Deus Ex: Human Revolution ?), Giving him a bonus to movement.

It will have to pass the mission, which has a special laboratory for their installation. Not enough money for the pumping ability of the hero and the purchase of ammunition? Fly to rob another “bank”.

During these 72 hours, including flights from one point to another, so it makes sense to save time, and get directions carefully to get done as much as possible.

Sometimes I’m on the way to the base of the right I dropped into a “bank” in order to update your account.

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The mission begins simply. Agents team is in a room with one or more doors. Apart from this room you can not see anything.

To go further, one of the agents is to open the door. What awaits you behind it – is unknown. This can be a simple corridor. Or a large room, which is patrolled by the enemy. You do not want to risk it – take a look through the keyhole. It takes movement point, but you will know what awaits you inside.

Invisible, Inc. all the time playing with you like a cat and a cockroach crawled on his head from under the sink.

It is important to understand that even if you fail the mission and start it again, the rooms location when you restart the change. Therefore, to learn the best route does not work, you have to rely on fate and luck. And this, believe me, the most unpleasant. Imagine the situation.

You have completed the task conditions. This immediately causes enemies in combat readiness. They begin to scour the map in search of agents.

A drop-off point, by fate, was in a very awkward place, which you can reach only one way – killing in the course of all life in its path.

And sometimes the landing point is near you. And you can without too much trouble to get away with the stolen money. Not fair!

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In this injustice – the whole essence of the Invisible, Inc. You can perfectly complete a level, never raised the alarm and not touching any of up to one enemy. Are you ready to celebrate the triumph of his evil genius, but suddenly appear on the map as reinforcements elite soldier.

And quite by accident, he is right next to you, cutting off an escape route. And now his cry flew crowd of colleagues who shot you at point blank range …

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Surprisingly, such a situation makes you more attentive to sink into the features of the game. You understand that hurriedly not always be able to pass the next task.

And you start to appreciate the chances that the game gives you. Suppose you find yourself in a room guarded by soldiers.

Looking at the route of its movement. If it does not match with yours, you simply bypassing the enemy side, not touching.

Because if you did cut down, then after three moves he wakes up (or you’ll have to send someone from his agents to turn off again, and this is a waste of time and moves!). And when he wakes up, then immediately go in search of offenders. So why complicate your life? For the sake of a small amount of money, which he carries in his pocket?

The injustice – the whole point of Invisible, Inc.

The next step on the path to enlightenment – hack enemy computer systems (see screenshot below). Each system, whether it is a generator that feeds the laser gates, or security camera, has a “price” of hacking. First desire – to disable all security systems. But each turn brings you to a new level of anxiety. It was like five times – the level of anxiety increased.

This means that the camera can jump off the price. Or some previously disabled the camera work again and you will cut off the retreat. And if you previously spent all hack-glasses, just fill up the mission. Even if before that everything was fine.