Invictus Gaming at Worlds 2019. Playoffs

Analysis of the performance of ex-champions of China in the Worlds playoffs.

Invictus gaming Griffin

“Sin in half”, this old-fashioned phrase perfectly reflects how IG got into the playoffs of the 2019 World Cup. The problems that we saw throughout the year, the team tried to close an individual game on the lines. That would hardly be enough if Team liquid a little more disciplined, and ahq e-Sports Club more confident.

IG – GRF (Map 1).

On the first map, IG played a rare draft against the Koreans for the current event: solo liners entering the leitheim, but capable of both avoiding the ganks and crushing the opponent in the irligame. Let’s pay attention to the role of Lulu: if Royal Never Give Up took on the most important match of the year auxiliary Lulu for needs Jian Uzi Qihao on line then Wang Baolan Liu Yi started the match with Kleptomania. Commentators noticed how the rune helped the support of IG strengthen with items to protect the allies, and the 43-minute match was partially taken at the expense of vitality.

Yasuo Peak on the top line made Tarzan pay a lot of attention to him, which affected the style of the GRF botlein game: the defaulted aggressive Garen and Yumi closed, which provided the Kog’Mao + Lulu bunch with a good start-up farm. The Koreans acted cleverly, without bringing midgame to duels and without aggravating the situation. The IG problem is right there – the players waited for the weather by the sea right up to 40 minutes, although all the conditions were created for the initiation and earlier victory. Fortunately, time did not play on GRF as it could in theory.

GRF – IG (Map 2).

The second battle was not so full of events. In particular, a huge amount of time IG spent on accumulating resources, splashing out all the forces only towards the end. The synergy of the setup has become worse when compared with the first card: Lee Sin is inferior to Jarvan IV in gank potential, which is why he must stay closer to the lines and make counter-guards, which affects the number of his own initiations (the bottom line has suffered more from this statistics). The second minus is the lack of a combination by which you can implement the Nautilus ult. In addition to R Kale and Q Kaysa, there was virtually nothing to destroy GRF. Is a won card a miracle? Yes.

IG – GRF (Map 3).

In fact – the optimal counters on each line. Yes, you can escape from the ganks. Yes, there is counter-initiation, but this did not help either against GRF or against FPX in the semifinals (we will talk about this later). One of the features of the Chinese teams in the LPL playoffs is to use the setup mobility to push through weak lines:



1. Players “bit”, forcing FPX to squeeze skills, as well as preventing them from taking a favorable position.
2. At the right time, initiation started, which the players supported without reducing the distance. The picture was spoiled only by ultra Galio past FPX.

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