Interview with producer Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Just yesterday at gamescom in Cologne, we were able to catch their prehensile hands igromanskie producer Life is Strange: for Before the Storm  a prequel to perhaps the main tineydzherskih interactive drama in 2015. We asked an employee Denver studio Deck of Nine Games is (the original game, we recall, was the brainchild of Dontnod Entertainment’s ) on cooperation with French colleagues, new characters, music, and why decided to make a prequel rather than a sequel.
About our personal impressions of the news read in a preliminary review from E3 2017 , (at gamescom showed the same demo, only a little more expanded form), and now the word David Hine.

So why did the prequel?

Devid Hayn: The fact there are a lot of reasons. One of them was the fact that in order to continue we would have to make only one canonical ending of Life is Strange. Then the final decision of some players was was wrong, and the other – the only correct one. But the main feature of Life is Strange – freedom of choice! Having decided to make a prequel, we have retained this freedom, allowing each player to remain at the opinion. In addition, all of the original game already know what the outcome of the story. But what happened before she started? What was Rachel? It ignites interest.
– Tell us how you exchange information with the developers of the first part of the game. Dontnod Entertainment controlled the development process?
Devid Hayn: for Before the Storm – is entirely the brainchild Deck Nine Games: from the first sketches and the final build. But we, of course, closely related to the plot of the first Life is Strange, and show their work Dontnod Entertainment’s . About three or four months ago, we flew to Paris, and with staff Dontnod went the entire first episode of the new game. They gave us helpful comments and suggestions. When creating a new part of the game you always want to make it into something better than the last, even if the differences will be in the details.
– What you pay special attention to the development? What kind of parts are trying to do better?
Devid Hayn: For example, we always try to bring to the ideal of the smallest details of the animation: hand movement and the like.
– Is it true that you are completely changed the game engine, logshy the basis of the original game?
Devid Hayn: Yes, this is indeed the case, Life is Strange was established on the Unreal Engine 3. We’re working with the Unity engine, and this fact explains a lot of small differences.

heroes reshuffle puzzle, episodic

– Will we see new actors on the screen? Are there many of them will be? And who are they, if not secret?
Devid Hayn: Of course, in addition to the already known characters will be many newcomers. Rachel Amber can be considered as a new character, because it was never fully disclosed in the first part. Yet we see the family of the girl. We also have new students and teachers.
– By the way, about the story: why the main character of the new part has been chosen is Chloe?
Devid Hayn: In the original Life is Strange Chloe remembered as a notorious hooligan. In the new part, we would like to show it to the other side. Events will start in a couple of years before the events of the first part, shortly before her father’s death. Chloe is tormented by grief due to the loss of a loved one, and this is a terrible pain, which, unfortunately, familiar to many of us. Because of this, it seems to be all the time sad and irritable, it is difficult to get close to anyone.
– What do you think, why Life is Strange was so successful project? People like to follow the experiences of teenagers?
Devid Hayn: Yes, I think that the first Life is Strange perfectly focused attention on the problems of young people, their feelings and trying to find myself in this world. While working on your project, we decided to follow the same principle, to show that our game pays attention to real world problems. That it has characters, which can associate themselves players. Such projects allow us to experience real problems in “secure form” and so learn to deal with them. I think this is the strongest of the fact that they are able to play.
– Tell us a little about puzzles: how to approach him now? Indeed, in the LiS lot it has been tied to the special abilities Max.
Devid Hayn: Puzzles are not going anywhere. Yes, the original game Max photographed, and we had to deal with small logic puzzles. The prequel will be a similar system, but instead of photographing Chloe will draw graffiti. Still you do not have to solve puzzles to advance through the storyline! ( Laughing )
– Why episodes this time only three?
Devid Hayn: We put a lot of effort to create the most thoughtful story, why did only three episodes. We did not want to stretch the story of five episodes and add a lot of extra. But, by the way, when buying a publication Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition players will open the bonus episode “Farewell” with the story of Max and Chloe, which takes place before the events of Before the Storm.
– a kind of prequel prequel, it turns out?
Devid Hayn: Something like that ( laughs ).
– How long will the passage of Life is Strange: Before the Storm?
Devid Hayn: Passage of each of the three episodes takes an average of two to four hours.

Music to my ears

– What can you say about the music we hear in the prequel? Musical accompaniment is meant a lot to the original Life is Strange!
Devid Hayn: The game will be licensed tracks, as well as the music of indie folk band Daughter , written specially for the new part of the game. We still have a lot of work with music, because it is important for the gaming experience. Daughter to a better understanding of those things which they will work, before the beginning of cooperation we have dedicated musicians in the very essence of the game.