Interesting updates on the development

Greetings! Recently, was not much, but I have tried to collect some interesting.

16.06.2017: Bard’s Tale IV  +
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Brian Fargosays that nowadays games require more in-depth lore and immersive than ever before; at the same time its aim to expand the game world without losing the key characters, places, spells, songs of the series.

The main writer Nathan Long project shared his impressions from the creation of the world’s history, legends, monsters, cities, kingdoms. It mentions that the best way to feel the world can be created by writing a story in this very world. He wrote his first novel, and presented it to the public:link.

They talked about how they went to E3, as well as, about what Olde Sküül continue to work on the remaster of the first three parts of the game, and the game became more cross-platform, so that console players will appreciate this game sitting on the couch.

VR game Mage’s Tale will be released on June 20th, so if you have the appropriate device – then you will find something interesting.


02.06.2017: The New World  +
Link to updateVince ofIron Tower Studioshared information about the stealth system in the game the New World of The:

– Every action (movement, picking locks, hacking computers, etc.) adds noise points that are modified things and the level of stealth.

– Points noise from movement start from 1 and increases with each step (for each cell). It specifies that the third step will not make more noise than the first two, but walking more points adds noise than just a step (for example, by one step, you can not be seen by the guard, and you will notice three).

– Each guard has a level of anxiety, which depends on its perception.

– On a more open area, you can move freely during your turn. If you get caught – it does not mean that just have to fight, because depending on the situation can be uboltat guards to let you go, or you rob and release or catch your thief, you are forced to come out of hiding, crying, “Come out, we caught your friend “, and then you can go out and talk or leave him to die.

Just talked about one of the possible partners – Dinah, who succeeded in stealing:


16.06.2017: Ash of Gods  +
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AurumDust Studiodescribed the electoral system and the consequences of their gameAsh of Gods, as well as advertised in his apdeyte gameSacred Firefrom thePoetic Studio.


09.06.2017: Kingdom Come: Deliverance  +
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Warhorse Studioswas informed about the release date of the gameKingdom for Come: Deliverance. Will have to wait until February 13 next year.


10.06.2017: Atom RPG  +

Link to updateAtom Team released an update that almost finished crafting system in the game: Atom RPG.


02.06.2017: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire  +
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Last update showed quite a long time, which is associated with the preparation of the team for E3, but still I will write here.

Videogayd showed the steep ficham new games:

And also, if you have supported the game at FIG on $ 99 or more – you can fill out a form and get into the captions.


13.06.2017: Tyranny  +
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Finally I’ll write about the most pleasant for me an update – a great addition to the announcement of Tyranny , called Bastard’s Wound . Most enjoyable – because it had to wait for a decent time and a long time of no vestochek project was not. In addition, we will provide an opportunity to become better acquainted with the world zverolyudey (Beastmen), settlement of refugees and we will present the most popular companion quests games: Verse, Barik and Lantry.

In addition, a great addition not released under the title Tales from the Tiers , which is already available, and adds the following new events while traveling on the map, aimed at partners and new characters; new items; new opportunities to earn loyalty or fear of his companions; as well as New Game + in a free patch that allows you to move your character in the new game and pick up with a few artifacts.