Interesting tech news for the week: cat robots, flying vacuum cleaners and cars

The past Catholic Christmas and the upcoming holidays left an imprint on the news feed, which was noticeably thinned. However, we managed to find some interesting news. In this digest you will learn about the latest LG products, flying vacuum cleaners and cat robots.

Dyeing your hair has not been a problem for a long time, but there is always the danger that the new color will not look like the picture or it just won’t suit you. Company L’oreal together with Google lens offers a pilot project with the ability to test new colors in real time. The system is launched only in the USA and only in network stores. Walmartwhere computer mirrors from Modiface. But with the growth of technology coverage, similar projects may appear in Russia in the very near future.

The long-awaited exhibition CES 2023 starts in Las Vegas soon, which means that hot announcements from technology leaders await us. Company LG prepared a new line of soundbars with a machine learning system, which allows you to determine the parameters of the room and set the most realistic sound. In addition, the fresh line will have a built-in smart assistant from Googlemaking these systems even more useful. The price, as always, will be from 50 thousand rubles.

Under the same Ces South Korean company Hyundai plans for the first time to publicly present its first flying car – Personal Air Vehicle (PAV). Information about the new product is not so much. Former engineers are known to work on the project. NASA, and the project itself will be cheaper than competitors’ products. We will talk about the new product in detail in the next issue.

One of the experimental bloggers Greig Stewartbetter known as Theremin hero, decided to combine four screens into a partially-printed on a 3D printer LED cube, which offers an unexpected look at the gaming retro classics from the world NES. In any case, playing in this mode in classic arcades is fun only for the first few seconds, after which you will begin to get sick. But the idea, of course, is original.

But the Belarusian startup Teslasuit offers gloves for a complete immersion in the world of virtual reality. Teslasuit glove will be shown on Ces, but it’s already known that gloves are designed to rehabilitate patients who can feel the pressure of virtual objects.

True, at a price of 5 thousand dollars, these gloves are unlikely to become a mass gaming accessory so soon.

If there is a robot dog in the world Aibo from Sony, then she once had to have a feline rival. Marscat from Elephant robotics looks like a cat from the future that you can stroke, throw toys at him and enjoy his electronic purring. The battery lasts for three hours of active play, and the robot itself now understands more than 20 separate words and commands.

Elephant Robotics raise money for Kickstarterpromising the final product at a price of $ 649 to the first 100 backers, while the cat’s retail price will be $ 1,299. For comparison, Aibo costs $ 2,899.

The release of MarsCat is expected at the end of 2023.

No matter how smart robotic vacuum cleaners are, they still cannot defeat their main enemy – the stairs. YouTube Engineer Peter Sripol improved his home helper by teaching him to fly. Flying Roomba It looks very impressive on video, but it required an additional investment of almost $ 200. And it is not clear how the final version copes with more complex surfaces. And, of course, dogs and cats will be in shock with a flying vacuum cleaner.

Yes, and the toilet at night will be scary.

Journalists The new york times found that the application is popular in the United Arab Emirates Totok (not to be confused with Tik Tok) turned out to be a government tool that collects and sends information to the country’s special services. However, among the inhabitants of the Emirates, the choice is not so great – Whatsapp and Skype completely blocked in the country. Telegram on the way.

Video version of the material:

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