Instead of GTA 6, they revealed GTA: Vice City with the latest graphics and compared

Waiting for the announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 from Rockstar gamesfans showed the latest graphics GTA: Vice Citywhich was compared to the original Vice City game and surprised the fans.

The developer of modifications with the nickname lunchxbles shared with fans of the cult series Grand Theft Auto his project for GTA 5, which he named Vice Cry: Remastered, reports. Candyland video blogger decided to compare the graphics of the original GTA 2002: Vice City in 2002 with the new GTA 5: Vice City. He released a video in which he showed gamers some of the most iconic locations of the popular action. Fans praised Moder for their work. They noted that the project perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a classic game and at the same time boasts modern high-quality graphics. Some gamers drew attention to the low detail of some textures, including road asphalt. However, they considered this a minor flaw in a lot of work.

Fans of GTA 5 and Vice City noted that the Vice Cry: Remastered project evokes nostalgic feelings in them, reports. In the video, the blogger showed the famous construction site. To some gamers, she immediately recalled the pain of passing the legendary mission with a toy helicopter. Using it, it was necessary to install explosives in different locations, which was very difficult to do.

Modification Vice Cry: Remastered brings to the world of GTA 5 the full map of Vice City. The project also includes three-dimensional models of neon signs, working traffic lights, correct reflections in water, and much more. The developer created some textures specifically for this mod, replaced all GTA V cars with the cars of the desired generation, added special scenarios for the behavior of residents and drivers, introduced several special groups and zones for the population. You can download the mod on the official page of the project.

In anticipation of the announcement of GTA 6, fans of the series are not only looking for ways to diversify the gameplay of GTA 5, but also remember the previous games in the series. It is Vice City that attracts the attention of many of them, since according to numerous rumors the plot of GTA 6 will be associated with this part of the franchise and will return players to the city of Vice City.