Instead of Cyberpunk 2077 showed a teaser of the new Observer 2

To reassure fans a little Cyberpunk 2077 after the release date is postponed, the development team Bloober team showed a new horror movie in the cyberpunk genre Observer 2.

A new mysterious publication has appeared in the official Twitter account of the Bloober Team studio, reports. The short video shows an incoming call with the logo of the mega-corporation “Chiron” (Chiron Incorporated). Video is constantly distorted by various graphic artifacts. The video itself is signed in Leet. It indicates that the call is from the Chiron Corporation. In the video, fans also noticed binary code. The encrypted message was quickly guessed. It asks the question: “Daniel, are you here?”

The protagonist of the first part of Observer was Daniel Lazarski, who was played by the famous actor Rutger Hauer, reports. He died 2 years after the release of the game. Perhaps the developers are hinting at his return to Observer 2. The whole game is made in the first person, so even in the first part the players saw the actor’s face for only a few seconds. In the second part, developers can do without the appearance of Rutger Hauer. The continuation can also be without his voice, since both endings allow this to be done.

In the first part, Daniel Lazarski works at the Observer. These are detective stories of a gloomy future in which cybernetically implants, work and virtual reality have become an integral part of civilization, and total control of megacorporation has been established over people. Suddenly, Lazarski receives a call from his son, who disappeared several years ago. The observer decides to find him, but falls into the trap.

Bloober Team is known for a series of its psychological horror films. In recent years they released Layers of fear, Layers of Fear 2Observer and Blair witch. The release date for Observer 2 is still unknown.