Instead of baby Yoda showed baby Sonic and blew up the Internet

Paramount Pictures has released new materials for the movie “Sonic in the cinema” with the participation of the cult character of video games, in which she first showed little Sonic in childhood. What was seen struck many fans who considered little Sonic the final argument in favor of the film.

According to, fans drew attention to the new Japanese trailer for the film “Sonic in the movie” with many previously unseen frames. So, the central theme of the new video was the childhood of Sonic the hedgehog, which he spent on a mysterious and unusual island, honing his speed and other skills. Viewers were shown how little Sonic will look on the video and on the new poster. Many fans were fascinated by the little hero, who was considered incredibly cute, and immediately compared with the kid Yoda from the popular Mandalorets series on Star Wars.

Little Sonic captivated many viewers, like other similar characters created using CGI graphics, and looking extremely cute. At the same time, many also appreciated the cute design of the famous Sonic in his childhood. Fans said that after the creators listened, and changed the design of Sonic in the film, and also showed the hero as a child, they are definitely going to go to the cinema for the premiere of the film “Sonic in the Cinema.”

Earlier, fans were shown how an adult Sonic received his legendary red sneakers as a gift, and burst into tears because of strong emotions. The premiere of the film “Sonic in the cinema” in Russia will take place on February 20. The main star of the film will be actor Jim Carrey (Jim Carrey), who played Dr. Robotnik.