Insiders: Amber Heard to get Aquaman solo spin-off, DC Comics to close in 2021?

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Legal showdown between Johnny depp and Amber Heard remain one of the main events in the life of not only Hollywood, but also the studio management WarnerMedia, which has collaborated with both actors. However, the company experiencing financial problems continues to generate a negative information background.

Earlier it became known that the studio forced Johnny Depp to abandon the role of the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald in a series of films “Fantastic Beasts“. The reason was Depp’s loss in a British court in a lawsuit against the newspaper The sun, which covered the actor’s scandalous divorce from Hurd.

According to preliminary data, Grindelwalda in the third film can play Mads Mikkelsen… At the same time, Depp under the contract received about $ 10 million in compensation. As for Amber Heard, the actress again pointedly confirmed the information that no one intends to fire her. The artist has a role Princess / Queen Mera in film “Aquaman 2“, she should appear in”Justice LeagueZach Snyder

However, insiders say WarnerMedia has big plans for Amber Heard. According to the founder of the portal Geekocity Mikey Sutton, the studio is concerned that there are not enough films about female superheroes in the DCU. Therefore, Hurd can get a solo film about the adventures of Mera.

WarnerMedia studio management has taken a rather cynical position, completely ignoring public opinion. The company defiantly did not respond to an online petition demanding the dismissal of Amber Heard, which was signed by nearly 1.5 million people. Sanctions to the actor Ezra Miller, which in the spring almost strangled a fan in the store, were also not applied.

According to sources, WarnerMedia views the boycott of Amber Heard from a film perspective. “Captain Marvel“when criticism Brie Larson for offensive statements, it did not prevent the Marvel tape from collecting a billion dollars.

“They believe that the scandal is artificially exaggerated and politically motivated,” the insider explained.

All that the studio is interested in right now is the fight against Disney, which has trump cards in the form of “Captain Marvel” and the coming “Black widow“. In the PG-13 category, WarnerMedia only has”Wonder Woman“The company sees great potential in Mera, but the project has not yet been given the green light, because the US court must consider Johnny Depp’s claim against Amber Heard for $ 50 million.

WarnerMedia’s behavior looks rather odd against the backdrop of Hollywood’s agony amid the pandemic. Don’t forget about the dire state of AT&T, which owns the company. The holding’s debts have long exceeded $ 150 billion, and recently it borrowed more than $ 3 billion.

At the same time, the film “Birds of Prey: The Fascinating Story of Harley Quinn“failed at the box office, despite the popularity Margot Robbiewho played Harley quinn… The project was clearly not helped by a politically motivated advertising campaign, in which the creators criticized “white cisgender men.”

You also need to prepare for the fact that “Wonder Woman: 1984“will also fail at the box office. Earlier it became known that the film became an exclusive HBO Max and will be released on December 25th. A limited release in theaters is planned.

The problem is that the streaming service is inferior to its competitors in terms of subscriber base. WarnerMedia also refused to introduce premium movie subscriptions, which will negatively impact revenues. The same studio Disney could not recoup all costs for “Mulan” through Disney +though she introduced a premium subscription for $ 30.

The final nail in the coffin of Wonder Woman 1984 is that the film’s exclusivity for HBO Max is … temporary. A month after the premiere, the tape should be removed from the HBO Max catalog, after which it is going to be played only in cinemas. This will be followed by a release on physical media, in other online services, and only then will he return to HBO Max.

This policy is precisely one of the reasons why HBO Max cannot catch up with competitors, because films are removed from the library on an ongoing basis (“Harry Potter“,”Lord of the Rings“,”Aquaman“and so on). preparing for bankruptcy.

AT&T is desperate for an influx of money. The holding is forced to cut costs and get rid of illiquid assets. Sony intends to buy the platform Crunchyrollafter knocking out an impressive discount (instead of $ 1.5 billion, the company will pay less than a billion dollars). Sources also claim that the TV channel will soon be put up for sale. CNN… Sale of part of the shares has been officially announced DirecTV, AT&T Now and U-Verse

The main victim may be the publishing house Dc comics, through which the second wave of layoffs swept through it (most of the editorial staff were left without work). A famous artist Ethan Van Skiver (“Green light“,”The Flash: Rebirth“,”New X-Men“) generally claims that in 2021 AT&T plans to finally close the unprofitable publishing house, whose business was destroyed by incompetent management and left-wing radical activists who turned comics into a platform for promoting their ideas.

It is possible that the head of publishing at DC will soon leave his post Jim leewho replaced the dismissed Dana didio… Plan AT&T is to completely abandon the release of paper versions of comics and the transition to a digital platform DC Universe Infinite… Illiquid assets will be sold out.

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