Insider revealed the details of the development of the remake of Resident Evil 4 – the game is created by a large team

Insider Dusk golem disclosed remake development details Resident evil 4. According to him, the production of the game began in 2018. The release, as previously reported, will take place no sooner than two years later, that is, in 2023.

Dusk Golem noted that the Resident Evil 4 team is more than the groups of creators of previous remakes. Studio leads the process M-Two Inc.and help her Capcom Consumer Games Development Division 1 and Red worksworking on Devil May Cry 5, Resident evil 2 and Resident evil 3. Shinji Mikami – The author of the original horror, – by the way, does not participate in the creation of the remake, but was one of the initiators of the idea.

In addition, according to an insider, a remake Resident Evil: Code Veronica not under development. Nevertheless, Capcom takes the wishes of the fans seriously and is working on ideas. Dusk Golem also said that Resident evil 8 will be submitted relatively soon.

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