Insider: Bluepoint is making several remakes of Metal Gear Solid, while Sony continues to work on new Silent Hill

Even before reports appeared that the Polish Bloober team and some famous Japanese studio supposedly create new parts Silent Hill, several sources said at once that Konami is working on the revival of the cult horror series together with Sony… At one time, it was also reported about a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid exclusively for the PlayStation 5, and today all these rumors have received another continuation.

According to an insider KatharsisT from the forum ResetEraSony’s Silent Hill is still in production, but the studio behind the game has changed.… Apparently, KatharsisT knows exactly who is responsible for the project, but cannot yet talk about it “for personal reasons.” Possibly after closing Japan studio (according to rumors, it was she who was involved in the reboot of Silent Hill) the creation of the game could be delegated to another team.

In addition to Silent Hill, KatharsisT talked about the development of not one, but several remakes at once. Metal gear solid from the studio Bluepoint games… The whistleblower is also aware that Konami has discussed the revival of the series. Castlevaniabut whether this led to something, he does not know.

KatharsisT information has been checked and approved for publication by the ResetEra administration, but at the moment it should not be taken as the exclusive truth.

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