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great injustice

If far from the video game people asked me to advise him some “gonochki for the company for the next hour or,” I will not advise him Races in which a novice is likely to first turn fly off the track. No, I would suggest something simple, fun and beautiful. Conditional Need for Speed.

With all fighting games is somewhat more complicated, but the principle is the same: if a person asks, “fight”, and you know that he is not inclined to teach slozhnosochinennye combos and generally unaware of their existence, then his choice is not so great. He did not need great technical Virtua Fighter 5, ugly and boring King of Fighters XIV or mozgolomnaya Guilty Gear. Most likely he wants (although he does not know about it) Mortal Kombat. Or Injustice.

Review of Injustice 2

I confess: I’m pretty far from adult men problems in suits volatile mice and their combat friends, but Injustice – the first, the second – will cater not only to fans of superheroes DC, but also to all those who want to push a few buttons and get rewarded with a juicy ” broads! “on the TV screen. I somehow just landed. Familiarity with Injustice 2 I started, of course, with the story campaign. And from the first of its cadres it became clear to me that the best fighting game “for casual gamers” (as an option: PvE-fighting game) in the near future, most likely, will not.

The game is fantastically beautiful. The plot, of course, simple-minded, but we must be very boring person to criticize the story in a fighting game, dedicated to the heroes of the comics DC . Their task it copes by 100%: a few hours of bright militants not only allowed me to get acquainted with the characters, many of whom I did not know in principle (Black Canary Chernyy Adam Dr. Feit Who are all these people????), But not bad me entertained.

Review of Injustice 2

The game is fantastically beautiful.

The authors of Mortal Kombat hold elected once “cine” format for its story campaign, and each time their “movie” look better. What is really there: I am better again pass Injustice 2 (even on the easiest difficulty level for the sake of saving time) for the scenes and spectacular fights than pritronus back to last year’s “Suicide Squad.”

Events Injustice 2 begins some time after the original ending. Superman is in prison, Batman tries to the best of opportunities to save people, but soon the world is going to happen, in comparison with what the dictatorship of the “man of steel” from the first Injustice seem childish prattle. We all stand to benefit from a similar, because the new circumstances lead to unexpected alliances.

Review of Injustice 2

Next – a lot of dialogue, jokes, flying and fighting. Transitions between “scenes” and “game” is very smooth, as well as transitions between the ground and the battle superpriemov. Why do I pay special attention to this? Just operator skillfully picks angles, showing good person. Superman throws the enemy in incredibly beautiful clouds, Supergirl dragging the victim into space, and Batman traditionally “cheating”, calling on the aid of its “smart” technology. Juicy picture is not boring after tens of hours, because, for example, from the stunning mimicry Harli Kvinn is difficult to look: at times it seems that this is not poligolnaya models, but a living person! Freaks of Mass Effect: Andromeda on the background of the local characters seem even worse. There Injustice 2, too, are “bad shots”, but overall it’s a really beautiful game.

Another important point for lovers of solitude – mode “multiverse.” There we visit other worlds (reminiscent of the plot of the first Injustice, huh?), To deal with local problems, get paid for it, and boxes of ammunition. The peculiarity of the local “missions” that some battles can be included “modifiers” that significantly affect the course of the fight. For example, every few seconds from the edge of the screen will be flying missiles, hitting on the fighters. Or the floor will periodically strike current. Or characters will be “vampires” …

Review of Injustice 2