inFamous: First Light

Most of the First Light, you will spend in Seattle – with our last visit the city virtually unchanged, except that D.E.Z. have not been able to build their own control points (events take place two years before the original).

Play in  Second Son to quickly learn and DLC, Sucker Punch almost did not touch the root mechanics. Even pumping system remains the same: now instead you will collect fragments purple lumens, for which and improving skills.

Key features of our trust – Rogues – we’ve already seen: she runs fast, shoot energy clots, hovers in the air, and is fueled by the energy of neon signs – in short, all the same in the original and was doing Delsin.

The main difference – the so-called “singularity”: by pressing the button (must first fill in the corresponding stripe) character creates a kind of black hole that attracts nearby enemies – looks incredibly impressive.

Compared with the “second son” skill tree has become many times more modest, but it is understandable – Abigail (real name Rogues), unlike Mr. Rowe can not copy other people’s abilities. Because of tactical possibilities and has a much smaller: on the move to change the superpowers no longer work – partly because of this battle and become duller.

Together with additional abilities and cut the main feature of the series: now there is no division into “good” and “bad”. Weasel suit ethnic cleansing and blows carriageways cars, but it does not affect its status and skills (remember, in inFamous your behavior determines the availability of skills).

And there is nothing for you will not be arranged by the chaos – for the soul of Miss Walker fail to appear or D.E.Z. nor the police, everyone will spit. And poor Delsin has suffered, choosing between the light and the dark side!

Review of inFamous: First Light.  Game Review - Image 6
Review of inFamous: First Light.  Game Review - Image 10

The very lack of in-karma is pushing to lawlessness, so only carry the city in the First Light unbearably boring: administer genocide tired after only a couple of minutes – no gambling and the risk of being caught.

It is understandable why removed the morality system – otherwise it would be necessary to invent and implement side branches for the tree of skills, but Sucker Punch either lazy, or simply do not have time to release.

Entertainment in the open world greatly diminished: side quests fans will be disappointed. The Second Son Delsin stormed the strongholds D.E.Z. and cut down the tower, fought against the drug traffickers, was looking for the camera and audio diaries – extra quests were more than enough, because they are not bothered.

You could always switch. At First Light with all the really bad nesyuzhetnymi Mission: climb on the boards,  operators D.E.Z. and repel the enemy area no longer need – and formal dressing areas does not give you almost no benefits. You collect the usual lumens and running after those that are “fatter”: throughout the city are scattered purple rings – passing through them gaining Weasel running speed, the only way she will grab the elusive ball of energy. Occupation – tedious than you can imagine.

Much more interesting to shoot down drones police: first you need to determine where they are – the camera switches to the view from fotolinz mechanical “patrol”. Crafty gadgets are not so easy to catch, especially if they fly anywhere near the multi-storey car park.

We returned to the game and graffiti. The mechanics of creating street art masterpieces adapted to the ability of Abigail: if Rowe dragged everywhere with stencils and spray paint, then Walker burns drawings on the walls of neon beam (sent it with the gyro built into the DualShock 4).

It turns out beautifully, but hooliganism works Delsina falls short – his artistry looked somehow.