Inexpensive pass to the world of Nekstgen: Insiders shared new information about the Xbox Lockhart console

According to the publication Windows centralcorporation Microsoft continues to prepare for launch console Xbox lockhart (also known in the press as Xbox series s) – an inexpensive entry-level nekstgen system that will be sold in parallel with the new generation flagship console Xbox Series X.

Windows Central sources report that Microsoft employees have already begun testing the Xbox Lockhart at home. The official announcement may take place in May 2023. According to other insiders, this month the corporation is preparing a large presentation of the Xbox Series X and a number of games for the console.

Then Microsoft is going to speak again in June, where it will focus on the game line.

Earlier, the existence of the “simplified” Xbox Series X, codenamed Xbox Lockhart, was reported by Kotaku. Jason schreier I learned that this console will receive a more modest filling compared to the flagship and will be able to run only digital versions of games, since they decided not to equip it with a disk drive.

One of Kotaku’s interlocutors indicated that in terms of graphic power, the Xbox Lockhart is comparable to Playstation 4 pro (we are talking about 4 TF), however, it has serious differences from all consoles of the current generation. In particular, the presence of an SSD-drive and a more advanced central processor. Other aspects of the filling at that time were not finalized.

Some developers, as reported in December, have concerns that the Xbox Lockhart’s simplified toppings at some point could hinder the studio’s growing ambitions.

It is not known whether Microsoft has made any changes to the product over the past months.

Sources of Windows Central also report on the development in the bowels of the corporation of the new official Xbox-headset. It will be compatible with Xbox consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

The Xbox Series X will debut in the fall of 2023.

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