In the shooter Wolfenstein: Youngblood showed the graphics of a new generation

Nvidia in the shooter Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the latest game released by the popular Wolfenstein franchise, featured next-generation graphics with the highest level of realism.

Developers from MachineGames studio, together with video card manufacturer Nvidia, have prepared a fresh update for the Wolfenstein: Youngblood shooter, reports. With this patch, the game gained support for real-time ray tracing (ray tracing) and deep learning anti-aliasing technology (DLSS). Representatives of the company Nvidia claim that now in the shooter there are believable accurate and realistic reflections in real time, which provide the level of graphics of the next generation. So that all players can appreciate the update, the developers released a gameplay trailer with a demonstration of new technologies.

In the new trailer Wolfenstein: Youngblood for gamers specially selected such frames that demonstrate the realism of reflections. According to, all scenes are compared with and without Nvidia RTX technologies. Real-time reflections are drawn on virtually all surfaces. You can see them in puddles, on windows, glasses, metal objects. In addition, a benchmark has appeared in Wolfenstein: Youngblood so that PC users can test the performance of their ray tracing machine.