In the remake of Final Fantasy VII, the plot changed a bit – the members of the rebel group LAVINA no longer look like terrorists

No one doubts that Square enix will release a demo remake Final Fantasy VII. On New Year’s Eve, hackers prematurely “leaked” her image from Playstation store and managed to share the details of the game. A video passage of the demo, the size of which is 10.94 GB, was posted on YouTube.

The demo version covers the initial segment of the game, where Cloud, together with the eco-terrorist insurgent group LAVINA (in the original AVALANCHE), conducts a covert attack on one of the depleting planet Mako reactors owned by the Shin-Ra Energy Company. The end of the scene described above is well known to fans of the original game, who will immediately detect changes in the remake.

Spoilers follow. We warn you, if you have not completed Final Fantasy VII, you may want to refrain from reading.

In the “leaked” demo, Cloud and his comrades also place a bomb on the Sector 1 reactor, but the ensuing explosion shuts down, but does not destroy the entire installation. Instead, as directed by the president of Shin-Ra Corporation, a more violent explosion occurs.

The leader of the corporation does this in order to push the public to denigrate the glorious name of LAVINA and to attribute its members to terrorists. A slightly modified plot move is designed to soften the attitude towards the heroes of the game. Since now users know that the rebels are not to blame for the subsequent deaths.

The first episode of the remake of Final Fantasy VII goes on sale March 3, 2023. The game will be an annual PS4 exclusive.

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