In Russia, launched the service of vertical cinema and series

An absolutely new service has been launched for all viewers in Russia, thanks to which everyone can watch numerous films and series optimized specifically for the vertical format on their smartphone.

Russian online cinema Okko introduced its new platform Okko.Move, which allows you to view video vertically. According to, the new service is available on mobile devices. It is noted that the new innovative platform was created in accordance with the growing trend of watching movies, videos and TV shows in the vertical format. This year alone, according to the statistics of the online cinema, the growth of mobile views was 120%. It is also worth noting that for the first three months, users will be able to use the platform for free.

According to Okko Managing Director Yana Bardintseva, the company is constantly in search and creation of the most modern formats, that’s why it was decided to create Okko.Move. “It meets the needs of viewers between the ages of 14 and 20, who mostly watch videos on their mobile devices, moreover, in a vertical format,” Yana Bardintseva said. The company suggests that the new service will allow viewers to watch videos with maximum convenience in a vertical format.

According to, already in the new service, viewers are presented with some films and series optimized for the vertical format, as well as new content created with the support of Okko Studios, especially for the platform. Among the available vertical series and films there is Force Majeure with actor Pavel Priluchny, the picture Behind the Scenes, as well as the foreign film Disappearance with Gerard Butler. In addition, right now the series is available in the service: “Pinocchio”, “Love by wire and without”, “MAKAR”, “Delivery”, created specifically for him. It is noted that in the future, the service library will expand even more.