In Outbreak Island survival game, players will have to find out the causes of the disaster.

Developers Outbreak island describe the game as a survival simulator with elements of a detective story.

The hero arrives on the island to investigate the causes of the disaster – some mysterious radiation drove the locals crazy, and now we have to find out what happened here, while trying to survive.

Moreover, we will have a camera to help us in all this, with the help of which it will be possible to monitor what is happening remotely, and its flash allows us to distract the infected. Well, in general, you need to record everything suspicious in order to conduct an investigation.

For the rest, of course, you have to get food and medicine, create weapons and improve equipment. Stealth should be used if necessary – and in any case, radiation should be avoided so as not to go insane.

For gamescom 2022 the developers have prepared an atmospheric gameplay trailer that demonstrates both the beauty and the dangers of the island. And Outbreak Island itself is being created for the PC, but does not even have an approximate release date yet.

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