In Monster Hunter: World completely stripped the heroine and added realistic melody to her melons.

It became known that in the popular game Monster hunter: worlddeveloped by the studio Capcom, with the main character took absolutely everything and added realistic physics to her melons.

The developer under the nickname Battlescars has released a new modification for the action Monster Hunter: World. According to, the modification removes everything unnecessary from the main character, and most importantly, adds physics to her melons. According to the author of the development, the modification only replaces the armor of the main character, which now looks as if there is nothing on it. At the same time, Battlescars made several body types at once, one thinner and the other wider.

It is worth noting that this is not the first such modification for the game Monster Hunter: World. In addition, the author of the development himself noted that he took the two previous ones as a basis. However, against the background of past modifications, this is distinguished by the fact that now the heroine has the physics of her charms. It is worth noting that everyone can download the improvement, and for free. Thus, the players had a great opportunity to play Monster Hunter: World again, admiring the heroine without anything.

According to, the release of the game Monster Hunter: World took place on January 26, 2018. She came out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.