In China, children have cut the allowed time in online games to three hours

China is reducing the amount of time it is allowed to play online games for minors.

In 2019, such gamers were allowed to spend up to 1.5 hours a day in such projects, and now the deadlines have been cut once again and much tougher – up to 3 hours a week on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. And only from 8 to 9 pm.

The move is expected to hit the industry, but its strength remains questionable.

So, according to Bloomberg, the percentage of underage gamblers on certain platforms is not that high: Tencent this is 2.6% of the entire audience in the second quarter (under 16). However, such a move can still scare investors and, in general, negatively affect the business of the same Tencent.

With such a tightening of the rules, the authorities continue to fight against the review addiction of minors – earlier this month criticism of the gaming industry intensified in local publications, and the products themselves were even compared to “opium for the soul.”

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