In 2023, the state will allocate three billion rubles for creative content on the Internet, including games

Next year, the state is going to hold a contest with a prize fund of three billion rubles among companies creating creative content on the Internet, including games. This was announced by the first deputy head of the presidential administration Sergey Kirienko.

Four categories of projects are allowed to participate: video content, blogosphere content, special projects in online media, games and software. Topics for selection:

• “Living memory” (about the Victory of 1945).
• “We are together” (about a multinational country).
• “Do good” (about volunteering).
• “Proud” (about the victories of the Russians).
• “Act!” (On the possibilities of the Russians).

RBC quotes the following words Kiriyenko:

This is not a state order for the production of content on the Internet, where certain officials determine what they want and give out the corresponding orders. We hope that this support will be directed, inter alia, to the development of projects by market leaders. One of the goals of the state here is to support domestic players and create conditions for them to be competitive.

As noted Kiriyenko, the project selection process will be “as open as possible”. On the issue of financing, the experience of the Cinema Fund and the Presidential Grants Fund will be used, where there are supervisory and expert councils responsible for accepting and approving applications.

Acceptance of applications will begin on January 20, 2023. The second wave starts approximately in March-April. The third is in October. The project can already be offered on the website of the Internet Development Institute.