Robot Attack
In imprint-X , this is the name of the game we’re going to talk about today, some nanomachines called “Guardians” have la
unched an attack and enslaved all those who looked innately, taking control of their brains: we will take control of one of the many clones of a hacker, created with the purpose of freeing people and defeating Guardians. In spite of a lengthy, fully-featured introductory film, realized in pixel art, the plot has no major role in the game and only serves to create the usual pretext for continuing the game between the various guesses. Developers, in fact, h
ave focused almost exclusively on gameplay: Using the mouse, we will have to solve the game puzzles by clicking the buttons in a given order or timing without using too many attempts. Each puzzle will require different player capabilities : in some cases you will need to rebuild a particular figure by turning the platforms in the right direction, while others stop moving at the right time, and so on, for a total of 100 solvable levels.
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If the basics of gameplay are intuitive and accessible to any player, the puzzles will of course require time to be solved, since the game does not guide the player in any way, who alone will have to understand the right way to act. It is quite obvious from t
he beginning that there is an imbalance in the level of difficulty of the different stages: if the first jigsaw puzzles act as tutorials because of their incredible simplicity (although they still have a clear explanation of the different dynamics), passed to the second world things change enormously; we will continue to find some simple levels alongside others extremely complex, which can, in a short time, block our adventure.There are several path
s that the player can take to complete the world, since it is not necessary to complete all the levels inside, but there is no chance of jumping a puzzle that may at this time seem like an insurmountable rock: the path will come therefore interrupted until you can get the winning intuition.In the case of prolonged gameplay (or on the same puzzle or in any case by making several consecutive ones), the game will try to h
elp us with small bonus bonuses, how to provide more attempts or temporarily slow down time (for those puzzles that need to press button at the right time); but unfortunately they are unnecessarily unnecessary as the problem is that the logic behind the puzzle is not quite the case. On the one hand, the choice to reward the wit, the curiosity and the intuition of the player i
s understandable and appreciable, but on the other hand many players may remain demoralized already in the first few difficulties (however very heavy); it would be very little to maintain the sense of challenge and at the same time make it more accessible to different gamers’ varieties.