Immortal Planet is another illegitimate son of Souls

On the contrary, they shamelessly copy them, citing them also in the promotional material. This is the second work of Tomasz Wacławek, now teedoubleuGAMES, who with Ronin had already proved to have a great talent. It tells the story of the Awakewalker, the only one of a society of immortals to put an end to the eternal cycle of death and rebirth in which it is imprisoned.

Immortal Planet is another illegitimate son of the Souls

When we take control of it, after selecting one of three weapons, we know nothing about its past or even about where we are. After a few steps, we arrive at the first enemies who, despite going fast enough, prove to be hard bones.


Our big man can attack, dodge or parry the shots of the opponents and, finding the right objects, use special powers related to its characteristics. For example, he can hold firearms, or cast spells. There are also curative objects around, essential to continue the adventure.


The sad truth is that we die early enough, when we have not yet read all the tutorial boxes that explain the basics of the game mechanics. We had imagined that Immortal Planet would be difficult to tame, but we did not imagine how much. Above all the initial part is really brutal.


Soon we find out that the combat system, though very agile, offers more complications than we hypothesized. For example, you have to pay attention to the stamina bar, which when exhausted does not allow you to attack or defend yourself. This is true both for us and for our opponents.


This is a feature that can cause big problems, but that can be exploited to our advantage , for example to push the weakened enemies in the numerous chasms of which the game world is composed, or to slow down the attacks, imposing the ‘use of less expensive techniques (to do this you must have become really good).

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Everything works so well that, when enough practice is practiced, the fights become real ballets : between dodges, parades, counterattacks and special techniques.


The bosses in particular can put in big difficulty because of their enormous power and the amount of techniques they have. Let’s also mention that at the beginning you have a very small number of healing objects and you will understand how hard it is to get involved.


In short, to overcome certain situations you need to develop an enviable ability so as to be able to anticipate the moves of the opponents and respond at the right time.


For example, many enemies throw mines that can be turned against them, causing them to explode when they are nearby, after shooting in a safe area to avoid being hit by splinters.


For each enemy killed we get points that can be spent to improve the characteristics of the Awakewalker reaching bonfires … sorry, hubs, where you can also rest to recover all the energy and recharge the items in our possession. Spending the points whenever possible is essential, because in the event of death all are lost. In reality you can try to recover them by going back to where you were killed, but if you die a second time without having regained them, they will be erased forever. Also this, what do you remember?


How many of you have had a strong sense of déjà vu by reading the description of Immortal Planet? We see that many have raised their hands. Here, perhaps the main problem with the title of teedoubleuGAMES is that it does not even try to take a step forward. In short, he is content to be a good clone of Souls, which actually is, but without risking anything of his own.

The narration itself is conducted in exactly the same way, with the discovery of details of the story entrusted to dialogues with strange characters, cryptic writings and so on. What do you remember? This is the question we are going to repeat throughout the review.


The story itself is not very clear and the ending does not reveal much, although it seems that it is necessary to complete the New Game + to see the real one, which should provide more details. However, not having clear ideas is not a drama, given the gender, and replay is almost a duty if you are passionate. Another problem, in this case more related to design,

concerns the progression. As already said, the first steps of the Awakewalker are dramatic, but it is not so for the whole game: the final stages are much easier to overcome.The reason is soon said: greater number of healing objects available and a certain repetitiveness of the enemies.

Immortal Planet is another illegitimate son of the Souls