I’m Mr. Bob, I’m a serial cleaner

However, until now we have never been clean-up workers of the crime scene, and this gap is the basis of the brilliant idea of ​​iFun4all, who decided to devote an entire videogame to the neglected figure of professional cleanser. Little explored but present in the criminal imaginary, always traced with a particular charisma as in the good old Victor of Nikita or (especially) in the unforgettable Mr. Wolf of Pulp Fiction,


the figure of the “solver” has a strategic role in the organization of crime , acting as a counterpart to the chaotic violence of the killers with a more rational and tactical attitude, actually ideal to be staged inside an action with stealth elements.


Having found the original idea, as is the case with independent production, it was important to stage it in an equally distinctive manner and which other setting would fit perfectly with a wild theater of murder, policemen and career criminals (in one word: the “pulp “) like that offered by the 70s? And so, here’s to you Serial Cleaner.


Bob, the protagonist of the story, is a strange type, with an almost schizophrenic personality and yet not without a certain ethics, both at work and in private life. Long whiskers, mustaches and Ray-ban, our hero is the stereotypical type of shady 70s but with a dark charm, which dilutes in his “normal” identity as a caring son who still lives at home with his mother.


The domestic scenes with the latter always intent to cook, take care of the garden and follow the local news act as a glue between the missions to unveil something of Bob’s personality and providing a sort of hub connecting one job to another. When the phone rings, Bob retires as the good guy at home and becomes a very professional serial cleaner, scrabbling with his American garden to the address reported by some local mafia boss.

I'm Mr. Bob, I'm a serial cleaner

Serial Cleaner is a stealth game that relies on the most classic canons of the genre, requiring to perform different actions without being seen within a narrow boundary map and punctuated with enemies and adverse elements. Once arrived at the


destination after each call, we find ourselves having to have a certain number of bodies, take any incriminating evidence and possibly clean the scene as much as possible from the blood using the practical vacuum cleaner that can be extracted at any time from where you do not know where .


With a practical view from above, which can be expanded if necessary to show the entire playing area through the “senses of the cleaner”,we must therefore


juggle between the elements of the scenario trying not to be seen by the various guards and security systems arranged in the settings. Once eliminated the required amount of bodies, take sensitive objects and clean a certain amount of blood from the crime scenes, all that remains is to get behind the wheel of the trust station wagon and rumble back home, waiting for a refreshing dinner with mum and a new call from the bosses.