“I was an ordinary kid from Yegoryevsk”: Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation announced a game about the party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky

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Game due out next week Call of LDPRthat will be able to acquaint users with the work of the party Vladimir Zhirinovsky… This was announced by the deputy chairman of the LDPR faction in the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vasily Vlasov, transfersRIA News“.

The game is made “in a comic manner”, and its main character will be “a simple, ordinary guy who lives in a small town.”

“For the first time in Russia, maybe even in the world, a game will be created about a political party, about its work. It will be in such a slightly humorous manner … There will be quite a lot of levels, the release of the game is scheduled for January 19,” the deputy noted …

According to Vlasov, the game was developed with the participation of his assistant, a popular video blogger Ilya Davydov (he is Ilya Maddison). Another famous blogger took part in the voice acting – Yury Khovansky… Users will also be able to hear the voice of Vladimir Zhirinovsky himself during the passage.

“In the elections, many political parties cooperate with various advertising companies, cooperate with bloggers, with some stars. We decided to take a new path … This humorous game will once again make the user seriously interested in a political party after he plays. Maybe he will want to come, join and start his political path, “- explained Vlasov.

The Call of LDPR page has already appeared on Steam… You can also watch a short video there.

“I was an ordinary kid from Yegoryevsk and my business was shitty. There was no money, no prospects. But one wonderful moment changed everything, when my sidekick named Diarrhea sucked Pivchansky on horizontal bars. He told me that a department had opened in our yard Liberal Democratic Party and he has already joined there … “, – says the description.

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