“I no longer plan to buy Cyberpunk 2077”: Cosplay of a girl with a penis drew a new wave of criticism against CD Projekt RED

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Recently came to an end grand cosplay competition organized by a Polish company CD Projekt RED on the occasion of the upcoming role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077… The top three winners include a Russian girl who conquered the jury with her transformation into a chrome star Night City Lizzie-Wizzy

However, among the finalists, there was a place for the image, which eventually entailed a new Internet scandal, as well as another wave of criticism against CD Projekt RED from a certain part of the audience

We are talking about the work of another Russian woman who publishes her photos on the network under the nickname Yugoro… She also competed in the official competition, trying on the artsy and provocative style from one of the advertising posters. Knight City… There, we recall, in the foreground was a man in a tight leotard with an obvious silhouette of an erect penis.

Interpretation of the above image from Yugoro looks like this:

And she liked it too CD Projekt RED – the girl was noted on Twitter.

In-game brand advertising Chromanticore and before that it was criticized by a number of users who accused Polish developers of being overly sexualized and vulgar in the advertising model, especially taking into account that the poster depicts a gender-non-conforming person.

Turn cosplay Yugoro only added fuel to the fire, because the girl, being a cisgender person, decided to reincarnate in such an ambiguous image. Disgruntled players believe that if CD Projekt RED really is so attracted by the use of an unnamed model from a soda advertisement for advertising purposes, then it was necessary to depict it in the framework of the official competition exclusively transgender cosplayer

The discussion that flared up on Twitter was later reflected in well-known forums ResetErawhere caring users offended by the suit Yugoro, remembered CD Projekt RED other studio miscalculations, calling it “transphobic“.

The posts left by the advertising department of the studio, the fact of presence in “Cyberpunk“only two gender options (defined by male or female voices), as well as a recent statement by the developers that in the team, people simultaneously work with a very different attitude to political and social issues, and they all have the right to personal opinion

Angry users write the following:

“I totally agree that CDPR is a transphobic dump, they need to talk about it as often as possible.”

“We can’t turn a blind eye to this anymore, there are really transophobes at CD Projekt RED.”

“This company would go to hell, and I don’t need their games.”

“I’m not planning to buy Cyberpunk 2077 anymore.”

To date, representatives CD Projekt RED did not react to criticism

Running Cyberpunk 2077 will take place very soon, November 19

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