I am Setsuna hailed as a return to the foundations of the classic JRPG nineties. In the description of the game in online stores very first sentence says that the authors drew inspiration from the legendary Chrono Trigger.

One can hardly imagine a more enticing recommendation to attract nostalgic for the old days fans of Japanese RPG times SNES. Nevertheless, the words made to reinforce the case.

Whether the attention is worthy debut game under the wing of the Square Enix team tiny Tokyo RPG Factory? Whether it can be considered the successor of famous role-playing games of the past years? Try to understand.

It is expected that for the calculation of a cliché in the plot can safely start a separate notebook or even a notebook. The protagonist – the silent warrior-assassin Endirey and the master sword. After a series of routine tasks entrusted to it quite an unusual mission.

He will kill Setsuna – a girl who is going to travel for the purpose of self-sacrifice for the good of the whole world. I suppose it goes without saying that as a result received a hero and what it should be. It is more important to pay attention to the illusion of choice, follow us throughout the game. The first is the dilemma faced by the hero – “to punish or to pardon”, and your choice will not affect absolutely everything. As, however, and hundreds of subsequent decisions.

This is the clearest example of the trail «But Thou Must»Used very clumsily. Options are often directly contradict each other, and the subsequent development of events will differ by exactly one replica in the dialogue. To help children in distress? What? “Well, to hell with them!”? Haha, well, you and a joker, all right, let’s go already helping.

These things are good in moderation, rather than three times in each stage of the story, especially as related to satellites Endirey not change, no matter what he said. I will only add that Chrono Trigger just had the opportunity to seriously change the events and even the fate of the characters, and entire communities.

Absolutely all met on the way the characters as if cut from cardboard. They behave insufferably predictable and say the most banal things. Forgiving is no way, because any platitudes and clichés can be good to beat thanks to lively dialogues and extraordinary situations. Nothing like this here and there is no trace.

Something remotely interesting and touching takes place only in the final, but by the time gray characters are not able to cause any emotions. Any potentially interesting dilemmas and conflicts faced by the heroes, settled the most banal and uninventive ways.

Zadruzhim all enemies to death, and those who can not – will beat half to death and still zadruzhim! As soon decide what exactly the writer wanted – teeming cliches funny story, does not take itself seriously, or the dramatic story of the fate of the characters, faced an unfair world. The result has not turned out neither one nor the other.

Setting initially charms. The world is covered with a veil of eternal snow, melancholic location warm heart, and a charming music completes the picture.

The problem is that for twenty-hour RPG about the journey to the edge of the diversity of the world sorely lacking.

There is no change of circumstances and unexpected surprises, which means that there will be no thirst to move forward in search of unknown lands. Exactly the same village, shrouded in snow and ice caves, forests are repeated again and again and stale already at the third hour of the game, and nothing else will not.

The musical accompaniment also suffer from monotony. Melodies that accompany our adventures in the cities and on the world map are great, but due to the fact that the entire soundtrack performed on piano, some motives are felt completely out of place. During battles, use other tools thereby fighting theme sounded lively and cheerful;

Game creators may cost at least occasionally use something other than the piano, and at other times.