“I always felt queer”: Tilda Swinton made a frank confession

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Famous actress Tilda Swinton announced that she feels queer – a person who does not correspond to traditional gender or sexual identity. Frankly confessed 60-year-old film star “Only lovers will survive“and”Suspiria“shared in an interview with the British edition Vogue

“I always felt like a queer. I just looked for my queer circus and found it,” admitted the actress, who is currently in a relationship with the artist Sandro Kopp. “In my understanding, being queer means being sensitive. Realizing this, I realized that this is my world.

“Now I’m in the same family with Wes Anderson, Bong Joon Ho, Jim Jarmusch, Luca Guadagnino, Lynn Ramsey and Joanna Hogg.”

Swinton has previously said that she does not understand clear gender divisions. She believes that gender and social identity should not become a “starting point”.

In an interview, the actress also admitted that in her youth she did not have big career ambitions. She only dreamed of being with her family, having good friends and living in Scotland by the sea with dogs.

Actress Ellen Page has previously declared herself a transgender man

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