The country is buried time

It is said that Miyamoto while working on Legend of Zelda was inspired by memories of walking through the woods in the vicinity of Kyoto. And Satoshi Tajiri invented Pokemon when suddenly imagined by connecting two “game boy” is held on the one portativki to another, crawling bugs – are the same, which he caught in his childhood, to share with friends.

The creator of Hyper Light Drifter Alex Preston similar, most ordinary memories did not have, since birth he suffered from heart disease, and a good portion of his childhood, youth, and life in general spent on treatment in hospitals.

Review on the Hyper Light Drifter

The hero of his game too ill – fatally, and perhaps from birth. He -iskusstvenno created to search for ancient artifacts “Tramp,” one of the few remaining in the world. In the hope of finding a cure, following similar to Anubis being Tramp travels through the lands of the buried time.

Once there lived the Titans, and now they, like most of the locals are dead, and only the remains of a giant sometimes occur Rolling Stone on his lonely journey.

There are also the ruins of the high-rise buildings, but that happened to build their civilization, the game is silent.

As for the causes of vision, where the hero again and again catches seemed to be composed of dark being. What is clear is that tramp as his world suffer from the disease, which has recently moved into an acute stage.

The rest of the story is like a jigsaw puzzle, which can be collected in many different ways, because the details given little. Including because Drifter – play dumb.

Start-up costs without words, rare NPC say successive static images, and where to go and what to do on the clear visual cues and recurring pattern. Allusions to the underpinnings of what is happening in the not obvious given the hidden places of the rocks with the texts in the alphabet, which is offered to decipher yourself.

To overpower it (or podsmotrevshih results on the Internet) will award the prehistory of the game – a few vague phrases that, if they were even printed in clear text on the main menu, would have given more questions than answers.

Review on the Hyper Light Drifter

Under a plot and graphics. World HLD fragile, as if it is slipping from view, sometimes – when the hero covers another attack – and all covered with ink-black, exudes the dark squares.

The game is generally likes squares, and therefore pixel art here seems more than ever relevant: no way to reduce the cost of development, and another tool to emphasize the aesthetics of HLD.

Good and sound design: from ambient Disasterpeace, wrote the soundtrack Fez, leaves room for creating a sense of peace around the birds singing, and gameplay elements like sound under the flung-open trap legs.

Most video games are trying as much as possible to fill an inner world of the player, make him the desired emotions, involve in its context and to highlight what is happening on-screen action.

HLD not only gives you a feeling of understatement – reticence strange, fragmentary history, fuzzy picture – but it seems a bit aloof. It is not imposed, remains largely a personal story Aleksa Prestona and, ultimately, the game mood: as it is, everything seems to be conformable, solid and almost to the last pixel thoughtful.

But here there is no need to set up, and exactly the same game becomes annoying: ambient drives the depression, but because of the pixel image is not always clear where to go, and why? Indeed, in terms of plot rewards will not only occasionally, we will show a vision of the hero – in fact, the cutting of the screen at the beginning of the game.