And yet the authors promise that we periodically have to shoot at the monsters to save ammo and first aid kits. So that certain comparisons with Resident Evil 7 were inevitable, though naive in fact, given the differences in the budgets.

But here the authors have themselves to blame, just released their offspring at precisely the time when many wandering through the mansion crazy little family Baker. Yes, and I asked him about 800 rubles on Steam.

Naturally, the mechanics and technical performance Huskthese comparisons can not stand. But because you can play in different ways – with dignity or shame. In this case, there was probably the second. And all because the game was linear, raw and unfinished. Almost all the time we run on monotonous corridors – city streets, hospitals, police stations. And occasionally falls through the texture, which is often either not loaded at all, or do so with considerable delay.

Riddles almost no – a maximum of a couple of buttons you have to press in the panel or turn the valve to extinguish the fire. Inventory too – found an access card or key, and then apply it. No, and the promised aid kits and a weapon only available gun. In general, “vyzhivastik” no horror of it as a quest.

Interestingly, at least one horror no dummies and dolls?


Drunkenness – a fight!

But with the plot and the atmosphere all the more complicated. In Kholat employees IMGN.PRO proved that scare and come up with intriguing stories they know.

That’s the story of how a certain Mettyu Palmer (? I do not whether Laura’s cousin ..) arrives with his daughter and his wife in his hometown Shiverkliff to meet his unloved father, turns quite intense drama – and not universal, but only the internal, personal scale.

The realization that actually happens with Matthew, and why he hears voices relatives who would like after the railway accident should be in hospital (where we make our way the whole game), comes gradually and makes a completely different angle to look at what is happening.

The authors raise serious and interesting beat, adult themes – about, domestic violence, family relations, alcoholism, and about how difficult it is to get rid of the shadow of their parents and that they have wittingly or unwittingly laid. Finals and did the same a way to get to shiver.

Fear and Loathing in Shiverkliffe

Occasionally have to shake and fear. On a quiet port town streets no one – only spreads a fog so wandering somewhere strange, rather crooked than scary monsters drawn. But kill and they run fast, and there is never enough ammunition.

Therefore, when the music abruptly slap in the ears, signifying that somewhere nearby there was a monster, you involuntarily shudder and start hysterically skedaddle away from the valley.

Or, wedged into a corner when the sneak or run past it does not, nervously tselishsya in approaching reptile. However, quite often “buggy” scripts, which is why the enemies are in one place – you have to restart from the last checkpoint.

The authors, of course, a special fantasy no different. Suddenly stood out bloody writing on the walls, a strange liquid, pour the walls, broken mannequins and dolls to look stern, which may suddenly appear in a chair, where even a second ago they were not, walk through the whole factory of dummies – all this we have seen, and time.

But in Husk , I must admit, sometimes it becomes really very uncomfortable, unpleasant and frightening. Especially when you need to get out of the complex labyrinth of caves, occasionally bumping into monsters – it’s actually the only really interesting in terms of design and nonlinear movement level.