“Huge problems with drafts in two games.” Mag analyzes Team Liquid’s NAVI defeat

Trainer Natus vincere Andrey Mag Chipenko told why the team was not able to conduct good drafts in the match with Team liquid in the bottom grid DreamLeague Leipzig Major by Dota 2. In a comment for the team’s vlog, Chipenko noted that during the discussion of the peaks, confusion arose due to divided opinions among the players.

About the draft on the first map

“Huge problems with drafts in two games. Why it happened – opinions were divided somewhere. Even, for example, in the first game there was a default raft at our place, a default raft at our enemies. The second stage: we see the second ban of Viper, we see Oracle and we understand that further enemies will take Huskar. We begin to discuss this and a little confusion began – one or two correct decisions were made, but for some reason we did not finalize them.

Almost all the guys participated in the discussion in the second stage and their opinions were divided. There was an offer to pick out the Ancient Apparition, there was an option to take Huskar ourselves, but we did nothing with this, we lost the thread. Further, it has already greatly affected the draft. We took Omniknight, but he was on his own, a hero like a hero. And the enemy got Huskar and he already got a very strong draft with a good idea. At the same time, Leshrac was initially flexed into three lines and at the end they realized it very cool when they got Morphling. For some reason, we assumed that it would be Kerry Leshrac, as they had not played them before in the top three. It so happened that the draft ended and the opponent won the peak. ”

About the draft on the second map

“When the second card started, no one doubted anything – everyone understood that we could easily win two cards. A similar situation was with Alliance, where we did not go on the first map. In the second game, for some reason, an identical situation occurred, as in the first. Roughly speaking – the same rake. When there was a discussion of the Enchantress peak, we knew in advance that Broodmother could come. ”

Natus Vincere lost Team Liquid with a score of 0: 2 and left DreamLeague Leipzig Major. Command Bakyt Zayac Emilzhanova took 9-12 place, earned $ 25 thousand and 150 rating points Dota Pro Circuit. After the defeat, the analyst Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov analyzed in detail both cards in the series. More details about his analysis of the game can be found here.

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