is not only the editorial office, but also a huge user base, thanks to which it is often hot in the comments! Light jokes and, on the contrary, the most serious discussions under the news are the calling card of our media resource, therefore, in honor of’s birthday, we could not ignore our beloved readers. It turned out that the favorites of our employees are very different! Do you know everyone who got into this collection?



Kirill’s choice gr1nder Rusakov

It so happened that from the entire editorial board I know this community better than anyone else. First, of all the authors and statisticians, I have worked here the longest. Secondly, I have always been involved in the community, and later –, the strongest of all. I remember very well the guy with the nickname Opera, who was a fan of OG and sold cheats for Point Blank, the deletion of numerous Tadari and Ahoboy accounts (he personally did this), the dawn and departure of Voobshenet, and much more. I also know some more in life, so I exclude them too – yet it often happens that characters on the Internet and in reality are very different, and I may be biased.

Therefore, it is very difficult for me to single out one person, and, perhaps, I will choose three. First – RockShock, an obsessive Riot Games fanatic with 80% of his posts about how bad Valve is. The second is a newbie site Flipsid3 Dmastawho signed up on March 1st. He has another manic idea – all events in eSports follow a script, and everyone is tied to this, including bookmakers. In general, I like characters who are faithful to their beliefs to the end, even if they are a little less than completely absurd. Well, the third one – HardyS… No offense to the fans of Natus Vincere, it is extremely difficult to find adequate (at least on the Internet) people among them. But he always behaves absolutely correctly, does not try to pass off wishful thinking, does not translate the topic to, and so on. By the way, he is also a member of the team of site moderators. And if he sends someone from the NAVI haters to the ban, it is completely and fully deserved.

The choice of Vyacheslav PilotBaker Ipatov

Initially, I wanted to add some of the Machinae haters to the “favorite users” category, but most of them are my fakes. So I had to be guided by other criteria. My favorite RockShock (we are waiting for his return) has already been noted by Kirill gr1nder, so I will single out the other two (no less striking) characters. The first of them can be called old on without a doubt – Nefarian… I notice his comments on almost every shift. Most of his posts are related to current news feeds and are adequate at the same time. But I liked him primarily because of his ironic comments on the Dota 2 materials. His jokes with memes about Solo, VeRsuta and v1lat are something that it is not a sin to like and read to colleagues in the office.

Nefarian’s comment on the news with Nightfall’s quote about “good team atmosphere”

The second user is the exact opposite of Nefarian, Lyosha Soldier… As they say, turn off your KVN, a serious person in the building. Lyosha Soldat appears in any topic in which there may be a political or social context. He does not skimp on letters to explain to the local audience how rotten modern capitalist society is. You know, I have a sin – I sometimes watch funny cuts from the broadcasts of Vladimir Solovyov, in which he smashes another enemy of the people with righteous anger. So the comments of Lesha the Soldier are something similar. One can disagree with him a thousand times, but it is simply impossible to pass by his next exposing canvas, full of unshakable ideology.

The choice of Vladislav Machinae Zhivotnev

My colleagues slightly broke the rules by choosing two (PilotBaker) and even three (gr1nder) favorite users, so at first I decided that it would be more honest if I didn’t name anyone. No offense, it’s just that I too rarely go down into the comments to keep track of all the changes that are taking place there. It seemed that only yesterday I, together with everyone, voted for Ban Ahoboy in the list of the most memorable at the end of the year, but today the old legends are already forgotten, and in blogs people are discussing Haruhi Suzumiya, with whom we hardly know each other.

However, we still have a birthday here, so it would be wrong not to choose at all. It seemed tempting to point out one of those readers who remember me under all the reviews of games and news about The Last of Us Part II. “Finally a review not from Machinae”, “Eight points for this rubbish? Machinae, log out “and” How many fakes does this Machinae have if TLOU won the vote? ” – such reviews are conveyed to me, and I consistently put likes to everyone, thank you for not forgetting! However, if I choose from everyone who writes such comments, then there will be a high risk of falling into a PilotBaker fake.

However, real veterans of the site were noticed for similar injections to my address, from which I can choose without fear. Therefore, I will call my favorite user the time-tested Kochanich – for one specific (and delightful!) Post in support of Nastya allestron under her material about Tamagotchi.

Anastasia’s choice allestron Bismuth

Before writing my part of the tribute to active readers of, I was surprised to learn that almost everyone noted my favorite. RockShock, thank you for bringing retaliation in the name of Riot Games, in a peculiar way educating users about its methods of interacting with the community.

I also can’t help but mention k26Noone – he reads many news and articles on World of Warcraft. We did not communicate in the comments, but he is clearly interested in the hardcore component of the game, active pushing of keys and the progress race. In addition, he is knowledgeable about the lore of the game and even noted that he read the official books. In general, the impression is that his approach to MMORPG from Blizzard is similar to mine, which is good news. Perhaps we will meet at the Alliance someday if the Horde gets sick of me.

I am pleased that in the comments to my articles, the topics of which are rarely related to current esports or pressing problems, in general, there is a positive attitude of the community. And I would also beat off a cam to everyone who likes to joke in the comments under the news: thanks to you, the evening shifts are much more interesting. Even the jokes of Dedboy, who walks on very thin ice, sometimes turn out to be quite in the subject.

The choice of Sergei Lampochko Sergienko

Choosing a favorite user seems to be some kind of dishonest thing: I do not go into comments with activities, limiting myself to placing my thumbs up or down. And yet, no, no, yes, I do, sharing the best phrases with my friends. This is how one post went viral. Mad Frankie See the article on the best survival games. There he was surprised at the absence of “Road to Fiddler’s Green” – a cheap shooter based on George Romero’s “Land of the Dead”. At one time, the game was hastily redone to become a part of the zombie universe of the cult director, and has, to put it mildly, an indirect relationship to the “survivors”.

The very comment of Mad Frankie turned into Joe

But the comment stuck, and since then Road to Fiddler’s Green in my company is a universal answer to the question of the best game in any genre, be it a city-building simulator or an erotic visual novel. Friends regularly ask why the game was not included, for example, in the selection of the best domestic quests or topped the top of the classic RPGs. And every time I don’t know what to say – after all, the truth is, the best 3D platformer in history has a place in any collection.

The choice of Vladislav Fesh Danilyuk

When I first came to work at, I actively read comments and tried to participate in the life of the site’s community myself, answering and helping users. Once I even started a second account in order to calmly communicate with readers, not from the position of the author. However, the longer I tried to join the “get-together”, the more disappointed I became in people, watching how many of them endlessly “throw at the fan.” As a result, I almost completely refused to read the comments, so I find it difficult to name my favorite user.

Now I can remember only one nickname – Vizvezdenec. As far as I know, he no longer appears in the comments. It’s a pity, because this user was one of the few who, in my opinion, adequately expressed their point of view. Sometimes I disagreed with him and did not understand his arguments, but on the whole I had a pleasant impression of him. I remember Vizvezdenec for being able to conduct a constructive dialogue, which many commentators lack.

The choice of Andrey FUki Kiryukin

For ten years I have found the times of all users. was one of the first active users of the site, I remember Ahoboy. Vizvezdenec became the first user to overtake me in rating on the site. But if someone to choose, then it is, of course, Fuki ASTANAVIS. Nice nickname. I remember banning this person more than once. And the other day, on the contrary, he unbanned, after he flew away from our moderator.