A long time ago, albeit in our galaxy, according to the Star Wars series, more often than not action games, RPGs and shooters were released, but space combat simulators. After a good 20 years, Electronic Arts decided to pay tribute to the past and prepared Star Wars: Squadrons – a beautiful and almost believable attraction with battles on those very fighters. We’ll tell you why everyone might like this game at first, and then just as suddenly get bored.



Good but forgotten old

At the heart of Star Wars: Squadrons there is no original idea – after the announcement, some gamers were sure that EA would simply re-release the space battles mode from Battlefront, while others remembered a lot of games from the X-wing series. The latter were right, because Motive Studios basically made a remake of X-wing vs TIE-Fighter, released in 1997. Just compare the gameplay recordings.



There is no point in telling the plot further, and it is not at all necessary to follow it in the game. The single player campaign in Star Wars: Squadrons is full of clich├ęd moves, boring moral dilemmas, and almost caricatured characters. It was as if the local commanders and pilots were deliberately made as different as possible – with exaggerated motives to fight for their faction and, of course, with all kinds of skin colors.

Tolerance is a good thing, as long as the writers don’t try to earn extra points from the audience for introducing members of various minorities. In Squadrons, this works poorly, because the characters themselves are absolutely flat, and their sexual preferences, accidentally described in the next monologue, do not help to reveal the already deliberately bright characters.

On top of the mediocre writing, Motive Studios chose the most awkward and unattractive way to present the story. Between missions, the player enters the hub, where he can inspect the ship and chat with other characters, if they have something to say, you cannot answer their lines, as well as choose topics of conversation. At the same time, there is no opportunity to move around the hangar either: you have to switch between scenes, as in the old LucasArts quests. Sorry to mention these masterpieces in this context.

This is what the New Republic hangar looks like in Free Roam. In the campaign, there will almost always be someone to talk to – for this you need to point the camera at the desired point and activate interaction

With all this, the developers of Star Wars: Squadrons still tried to make the gameplay of the single player campaign quite diverse. In most cases, it all comes down to fighting opponents, defending objects or destroying heavy ships, but the conditions, locations, and even some mechanics are always different. When the player can only fly and shoot, it is difficult to come up with something truly exciting, so Motive Studios did a decent job. In addition, during the missions you will have to try out all types of ships, which will be useful in multiplayer battles.

Don’t hit, you better let it fly

The main component of Star Wars: Squadrons is multiplayer battles. So far, there are only two modes for playing online: classic Deathmatch, in which you need to get a certain number of frags faster than the enemy, and “Battles of Flotilla” – a local analogue of MOBA, where towers and buildings replace larger ships. In both cases, you will have to give all the best.

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