Destroying the third hundred monsters in a row, few people think about why they agreed to help the flabby peasant from the city tavern at all. Fans of MMORPG complete hundreds of quests a year, but only a few are remembered in such conditions. I’ll tell you what stories from World of Warcraft, Lineage II, The Elder Scrolls Online and other games have sunk into my soul for one reason or another.



World of Warcraft and Hand of A’dal – a title you don’t have

It was World of Warcraft that taught me to read quests and enjoy the plot of mini-adventures. Blizzard has filled the MMORPG world with countless events. Many of them are based on pop culture, mythology, or just the fantasy of game designers. While writing this article, it was difficult for me to decide what exactly is worth highlighting: the old Savraska? Mankrick’s meme wife? or, perhaps, a quest to escort Fiona’s caravan, which “not only everyone” managed to complete? Every player has a lot of funny and soulful “happenings” in such an eventful universe as World of Warcraft.

Your waifu Lady Vashj from World of Warcraft

In the end, I decided to tell you about the quest, which is no longer in the game. I had two reasons for that. First, I feel a pang of jealousy every time a person with the title of “Hand of A’dal” rushes past me. Secondly, soon newfagos like me, who came to play on the official WoW servers during the Lich King’s time, will have a chance to complete this questline in “live content” – in the classic version of The Burning Crusade.

Long before the Covenant era, Blizzard made the decision to make the Hand of A’dal title unavailable to anyone who had not completed the Illidan story quest and the creation of the second Well. Preparation for the final stage of the quest called “Vessels of Eternity” consisted of two parts, each of which included ten stages in theory and dozens of hours spent in the game in practice. Successful completion of tasks to search for magic tablets, killing petty minions and a kiloton of default conversations about the greatness and stupidity of Illidan will lead to the main thing: to the knowledge who has a little holy water.

“Vessels of Eternity”:

“Illidan filled seven vessels from the Well of Eternity. He poured three of them into the lake on Mount Hyjal and created the second Well. For a long time it was believed that the other four vessels were lost.

But after the Dark Portal opened, we learned that Illidan had given one vessel each to his lieutenants Kael’thas and Vashj. Find these vessels and bring them to us. Without them, we cannot open temporary passages to events connected in one way or another with Mount Hyjal – neither recent nor ancient. We must make sure that nothing can change the outcome of the Battle of Hyjal. ”

The salvation of the world is again on our shoulders. The lucky ones who managed to make the starting chains before the release of Wrath of The Lich King, had only to bring the phials of Lady Vashj and Kael’thas to the Caverns of Time. Sounds pretty straightforward, but it really wasn’t that easy to kill these bosses. The task was seriously complicated by the fact that Lady Vashj is the final boss of the Serpent Sanctuary, and Kael’thas was the main enemy in Tempest Keep before being reborn in Shadowlands. You cannot go to such monsters alone …

At the end of The Burning Crusade, Blizzard quite rightly decided to make the title “Hand of A’dal”, which players received at the end of the quest “Vessels of Eternity”, unavailable, leaving only the corresponding achievement. Players who managed to complete the preparatory chains on time could fight Vashj and Kael’tas during WotLK and also receive the title. All olds who have completed this story adventure have a corresponding mark in Feats of Strength. The quests and storyline have not gone anywhere, but the title is the elite reward for loyalty to the game since time immemorial.

Lineage II – die a nobleman, or “exciting” quest for noble

Unlike World of Warcraft, Lineage II is not about quests at all. In the old chronicles of Lineage II, tasks from NPCs were a forced pastime. Up to Goddess of Destruction, players had to complete them only while getting professions, and the side quests were a reason to help out more gold and did not differ in variety: for a certain number of items filled, you were given a reward, moreover, sometimes random. Sometimes for items knocked out of monsters, you could end up getting nothing at all. For example, the cunning bearded dwarf from the Aden smithy could easily fool you when playing cards, picking up the “blue balls” knocked out of the undead without paying at all.

I still play on unofficial Lineage II servers and consistently go through the Whisper of Fate chain once or twice a year, each time experiencing a mixture of surprise, irritation and euphoria. Such a strange set of emotions can be easily disassembled. Why does this quest exist? Did game designers want to mock players? It’s so good that it’s over ”- three stages of subclassing in the best Korean MMORPG.

Waiting for Cabrio a few weeks after the start of the server

The essence of the starting quest for obtaining a subclass is to sequentially kill four bosses, the respawn time of which is random. The quest begins in the vicinity of the city of Oren, where we find a drunken gnome named Rheorin, who informs us that the soul of his wife was stolen by a demon. There is nothing left but to go to the graveyard and take the orb with the remains of the soul from the raid boss Cabrio. If you think that the monster is patiently waiting for you to come for prey, then it’s not so. Even on servers with average online activity, Cabrio does not live long, and its revival time is usually 12 ± 8 hours. This means that at about 4 pm you have to look at a blank screen and just wait for it to appear …

Undoubtedly, this quest was created for masochists. It is all the more surprising that people are ready to go through it over and over again. On all new servers, hundreds of people gather in the cemetery. In order not to miss the coveted appearance of the boss, many leave unusual announcements asking them to call them on the phone when Cabrio finally decides to show up. Various clickers and trackers help others to receive messages about the boss’s murder and the appearance of an unfortunate chest with a soul.

Lineage II Boss Summoning Ritual

The coffin with the desired loot costs only two minutes. Didn’t have time to open it? Was your inventory full and there was not enough room for your soul? Killed a character? Good luck, come back the next day. By the way, about the murder: since Lineage II has a PC mechanic (from the English Player Killer), some users deliberately cut out heroes standing in AFK waiting for the boss. There is nothing worse than going to the computer and seeing Cabrio already being finished off, and your character is dead. You start begging those around you to resurrect you, you look for a summon for a round sum, or you continue to wait for the next random respawn.

If you have never played Lineage II, even the description of the first point of this quest could plunge you into horror. Experienced fighters know that this is perhaps the easiest passage point. Having returned the soul of his wife to Rheorin, we learn that this asshole, moreover, lost the scepters of the clan, so he was expelled from him and subsequently drank himself to death. We can only clarify which demons now own the scepters, and go in search of prey.

I will not torment – they are at the three bosses of the Tower of Insolence, whose respawn time is the same as that of Cabrio, that is, potentially more than 24 hours. And if it’s easy enough to reach the cemetery, then climbing the stairs to the 11th floor of the Tower of Insolence is an adventure worthy of a separate article. In the early chronicles, it was necessary to climb stairs on foot, since special teleportation crystals fell out very rarely. In later additions, teleporters appeared up to the tenth floor, which is inhabited by dangerous monsters. It is almost impossible to run past them alone and not die.

Completing the subclass quest is happiness, but only for a moment. The euphoria leaves, a cruel reality comes: after all, this is only a subclass, before the nobility there are still long 75 levels of the second profession, and at the end – another return to the tower of Baium for the blood of angels.

It has always been easier to get nobility on the official Russian-language servers using an alternative method – through the Territorial Wars. Having accumulated 100 badges for the event, you can simply exchange them for a title. You don’t have that much time on custom servers, the game will be over by the fourth week, so the unforgettable experience of completing the subclass quest and the subsequent “painting rags” in the Tower of Insolence is a must-have program for a Ladwa player.

Perfect World and soulful PvP

You may have thought that the author went crazy, believing that the PvP component of Perfect World is worthy of mention in an article with the title of something soulful. However, I played PW for quite a long time, and I also had the experience of capturing the entire map, so yes – PvP is there. It’s about a rather unusual reading of quests related to the murder of players.

Most of the quests in Perfect World are standard: kill 10/20/100 mobs and get some coins or a weak hirka. The most interesting tasks were collectible, they had to be completed for weeks, but the result was pleasing in proportion to the time spent. However, it was in PW that I first encountered an interestingly completed PvP quest based on the game of rock, paper, scissors. It is part of a larger chain of quests for the title, which is “bestowed upon the wise man who has re-learned the essence of things.”

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” in Perfect World

Approaching the Master of Doubt, the player can ask to turn him into one of the three characters in this game. “Kribble-crabble-booms” – and you have a skill that meets the standard rules of children’s play. On the battlefield, paper wraps a stone, which, in turn, blunts scissors, and the latter brutally deal with the paper.

It remains only to find a suitable enemy in the location, and also not to become a victim of another player. The quest is repetitive, so there is usually no shortage of participants on the official servers, but if you wish, you can kill 10 mobs instead of one player.

Black Desert Online and your personal Darkness

Black Desert Online did not gain incredible popularity in the CIS, but it was still a breath of fresh air at the beginning of its journey. Many people liked the game with fairly high-quality graphics and a non-trivial skill system at the start, including me. I believe that the positive first experience was significantly influenced by the companion of all BDO heroes – the Black Spirit.

Development of the Black Spirit in Black Desert Online

At the beginning of the game, a cute red-eyed cloud tells you about the main features of the surrounding world and gives you quests to destroy low-level creatures, such as beetles. Dictated by the Black Spirit, you learn to press abilities, change weapons, and negotiate with the locals for rewards for services. In fact, interacting with the substantia nigra is a lengthy, mysterious quest to raise a monster. It still remains a mystery who the Black Spirit in BDO really is – the ego of the character or still an independent being. Only one thing is clear: by the 50th level, the spirit will grow up and mature, and until that moment it will supply you with high-quality equipment and introduce you to elite monsters in locations.

If you carefully read the small quests from the chain about the Black Spirit, you can find out that almost every inhabitant of Black Desert is accompanied by such clouds. Someone lives with them in peace, and someone is afraid to come into contact with a dark creature. I think the authors wanted to show us that living in peace with our own demons is much more profitable than fighting or being afraid of their presence.

The Elder Scrolls Online and the aftermath of jealousy

Quests in MMORPGs are small stories that resonate in the souls of players if they somehow intersect with their life experience. Someone admires the quests about the leaders, where in the framework of the event you need to demonstrate courage and honor. Someone is attracted by love stories, happy or, conversely, sad. I am most often attracted by stories about addictions, the most destructive of which is addiction to people and, in particular, its by-product – jealousy.

“Crypt of Hearts” in The Elder Scrolls Online

In The Elder Scrolls Online there is a dungeon called “Crypt of Hearts” (there are two numbered parts, but we are interested in the history of the location and its quests, not the difficulty). The ghosts living in the Wrothgarian Mountains, during the quest, tell the story of a pair of Altmer who decided to create the Agea Relle school. It taught martial arts and magic of destruction – and they did it very efficiently, “sick” with their work and studying such depths of magic that were forbidden in other schools.

Nerien’et and Alanwe, husband and wife and founders of the school, lived in peace and love. However, the Altmer turned out to be jealous and suspected his wife of treason. Unfortunately, in his hands at that time was a powerful Daedric artifact – the Ebony Blade. I will not retell the story that the weapon is capable of inspiring the owner with a variety of dark thoughts, it is no different from others. The end for Alanve was death at the hands of her husband, who could not bear his own thoughts about her betrayal. The rest of the inhabitants of the Crypt of Hearts – hundreds of students and teachers – also fell under the hot hand.

“Crypt of Hearts” in The Elder Scrolls Online

Alanwe’s soul was divided into three parts and enclosed in a phylactery, which the player will have to collect, along the way learning from the Altmer about the events that preceded her death and the split of her soul. Alanwe will not be able to understand this story without reading the books scattered on the tables and confused comments. I went through this quest a dozen times, and each time it seemed interesting to me. The plot, which the player collects bit by bit, cannot be called new: many crimes are committed on the basis of jealousy both in life and in literature. However, I like to remind myself that some feelings can be incredibly destructive if left unchecked.

There are thousands and thousands of quests in MMORPG, and even the simplest one can play on the strings of the players’ souls, if you go through it at the right time. I talked about my favorite tasks that have sunk into the soul for many years, and you can tell about yours – welcome to the comments.