Mods for single player games are created to make them more interesting, and for multiplayer games – more convenient. The best and most popular ideas from users Blizzard are gradually introducing into the game, but there are many useful modifications that have not yet appeared in the default settings. I’ll tell you, show and explain exactly how they can help the average conqueror of World of Warcraft.



Mods for WoW are very different. There are mods that override the standard interface. There are add-ons (from the English. Add-on – addition) that help the user to keep track of the abilities of the character and opponents. Some are more suitable for PvE content, while others are more difficult to play in the arena. Addons for finding the shortest path, selling junk from bags without additional clicks, mods for finding and solving riddles from Blizzard, taming pets, transmogrifying, trading – perhaps, whatever you do in the game, the craftsmen have probably already written a cool modification for this.

Many will say: playing without mods is also possible. This is certainly true, but the efficiency will be lower. You get used to any interface over time, no matter how inconvenient it may be, and the spells of opponents can be controlled on a whim. What is the chance of being wrong in doing so? Much higher than if the modification blinks affably at the right moment with the eloquent inscription: “Do not get in, he will kill.”

Raider.IO – discrimination by RIO

There are ardent opponents of modifications, the main argument of which is that they simplify the game (“Hard-oh!”), And sometimes even spoil it. For example, the addon from the Raider.IO portal receives a lot of hate – it counts the number of completed Mythic dungeons with a key and controls the level and time spent by the player to complete them. Gamers who play constantly and show themselves better than others in PvE content quickly gain a high Raider.IO rating and prefer to select similarly skilled fighters to the group.

Profile of one of the employees on Raider.IO

With this “weeding out of noobs,” skillful players are left out, for example, if they rarely enter WoW or prefer PvP content, but are forced to close PvE daily to get equipment. I believe that such players can only suffer from lack of group and “discrimination based on RIO-based”, only being lone wolves, which is contrary to the concept of MMORPG in general. For everything else, there is a guild … or Mastercard, since Blizzard does not prohibit users from selling dungeon-passing services for gold, which, in turn, is legally converted into rubles and back using tokens.

In general, it would be possible to do without RIO – they used to play like that, blindly assemble a group and pray that everyone in the party would be able to press buttons. I think the number of successfully completed high-level dungeons has increased significantly with the release of a controversial but very useful add-on. Now he also tracks other achievements of players in WoW, such as the number of bosses killed in the current expansion raid and even the maximum rank in the “Arena of Problems”.

Gryphons Remover and Bartender4 – Down with Griffins

I’m not one of those players who overload the interface and make it absolutely inconvenient for an outside observer. I like the regular panels and the standard spell bars. Blizzard’s interface has only one glaring problem – the griffins. They are beautiful, but unwieldy and useless. The “must-have addon” that I recommend to all users, without exception, is Gryphons Remover.

Standard World of Warcraft interface without griffins

You can also get rid of griffins with the help of the Bartender4 modification, which is much more advanced. It allows you to move and fix standard panels anywhere on the screen. This is a more serious interference in the interface and is not suitable for everyone. I use Bartender4, for example, as I like the increased spacing between abilities. In addition, in this case, you can remove the display of key bindings on the top panel, although in fact they will remain in the settings.

Details! Damage Meter – Longer

One of the most controversial types of mods for WoW is DPS meters. They help good players look for errors in rotations and track the activation of passive accessories and talents, but they only interfere with the noob. Many players believe that the level of DPS and HPS is the only thing that is important to increase. In fact, the damage bars are just an opportunity to measure their length, and not a real indicator of the level of the game.

This week the leader of the “Unity” guild decided to upgrade a twink paladin and in the middle of the night he gathered those who wish in a raid on normal difficulty. On many bosses, the Arcane mage in my hands gave out powerful DPS, and I was happy with the length of the strip and the first place in the overall standings. Even a little pride – on a class that is not in the meta, so damn it!

Detailed combat stats in World of Warcraft thanks to Details!

However, the greatest pleasure was brought to me by the boss Altimore the Stalker, although on it I had … the last place in damage among fighters. The secret is that novices who did not know the tactics constantly knocked copies out of control until the necessary moment, and the only thing I was busy with was giving the hunting dogs a “sheep”. One button, zero DPS, maximum profit. If you have a situation in which you can perform a mechanic and help a group or a raid, but thereby “spoil” personal statistics, do not chase the strip.

The best DPS meter right now is Details !. It allows you to keep track of all the variables of the battle, both in terms of damage dealt, received, and healing. Of course, statistics on successfully shot down and stolen enemy buffs are also available. The DPS strip doesn’t end there. Note that previously the most popular DPS meter was the Recount, but now it is considered obsolete. However, many still put it “from old memory”.

Decursive – for lazy fighters

The Decursive modification allows you to apply spells on click that remove poisons, diseases, curses and other negative effects. Usually healers do this, and fighters often do not have enough time or space in the rotation for such trifles as removing curses. Decursive makes it more fun – frames are twice as clean.

Dispel Curse Simulation in Decursive

Dispel Curse Simulation in Decursive

Dispelling with Decursive is easy and convenient, and any healer will be immensely grateful to you for a little help in this difficult task. Moreover, many classes in WoW get rid of completely different effects of harmful spells. I do not recommend betting Decursive to healers – with it, to be honest, you “degrade” and stop following the frames.

World Quest Tracker – For World Quest fans

World Quest Tracker has been with me for so long that I don’t even remember what the map looks like without it. This modification shows the available tasks, groups them and allows you not to get confused when entering a location with several quests. Perhaps the most useful feature of World Quest Tracker is the ability to quickly search for a group on a world boss or a rare enemy.

World Quest Tracker

Deadly Boss Mods – warns that you will be dragged in

Deadly Boss Mods (or simply DBM) is a modification that warns of danger in PvE. There is also a version for PvP – battlegrounds. This addon will tell you the timing of the battle and warn you about the order in which the boss will cast spells. According to statistics, the most popular mod in the world is exactly DBM. It does not require additional configuration, it is updated in a timely manner.

Like many quality addons, DBM has a good alternative – BigWigs Bossmods. Arguing which one is better is like choosing between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Bagnon – Louis Vuitton bag

Dividing a character’s inventory into five different bags was an annoying factor for me. It is simply impossible to remember in which cell the necessary supplies are stored, and which one is clogged with rubbish.

Inventory with Bagnon

Inventory with Bagnon

With Bagnon, the entire inventory merges into a more familiar one – you can still set properties for cells, but all the items will be in front of your eyes at once. Works in storage too.

HandyNotes – for the lazy adventurer

The HandyNotes modification adds useful labels to the map. With her, it’s easy to understand where Blizzard hid Queen Azshara’s beloved cats in Battle for Azeroth, or to get to the last rare enemy of the Maw, which is necessary for the achievement in Shadowlands.

This addon becomes especially useful when running through old add-ons if you are not familiar with them. After the main content is closed, I like to return to the locations of Warlords of Draenor that I missed – there are still many secrets and hiding places left, which are lazy to look for without HandyNotes.

WeakAuras – her name is Legion

Perhaps the main modification for the player who wants to become the best in its class is WeakAuras. It not only allows you to monitor the rotation, but also displays additional information on the screen, writes for you to the chat “The turtle has reached the water” and informs you about the successful end of the snack with donuts from the magician.

WeakAuras is more of a personal addon creation tool. For example, in Mythic dungeons, it is important to interrupt spellcasting with mobs. How do you know when a teammate’s required ability will roll back? Just import WeakAuras, which displays the cooldowns of all players who have used the ability at least once per dungeon.



The potential of WeakAuras is endless, but each action and alert will require a separate command. This is not always convenient, and therefore it is much easier to install more narrow-profile add-ons in addition to WA.

My first self-created WeakAuras was a health bar – it is still with me, you can see it in the screenshots. I look for more complex WA on the site – there is a convenient distribution by classes and types. You can share profiles for this modification right in the game, but I recommend not clicking on links from users you don’t trust. Unfortunately, WA can be disguised as a harmless joke like adding an inscription on the screen about the need to activate Windows, and scripts for throwing out valuable items from inventory into the trash or sending gold by mail to an attacker.

The easiest way to install mods for WoW right now is the CurseForge client. This is a separate program that will automatically find the path to the MMORPG on your PC and allow you to install add-ons in the desired folder without additional search. The interface of the program is simple, updates are released in a timely manner. Blizzard allows modifications to be officially used.

I’m not a professional WoW player, and my maximum right now is heroic raids and 15 keys. Therefore, my advice is suitable for intermediate players who do not mind getting it. I deliberately did not include profile add-ons for PvP fans, raiders and keymakers in the list – users who came up with the idea of ​​installing Gladius, Exorsus Raid Tools or Mythic Dungeon Tools are unlikely to know about their benefits. Happy games!