If you had to explain to an alien what fishing is, how would you do it? I would introduce him to my collection of games – such an extraordinary move would definitely put an end to “ё” for any extraterrestrial civilization. But it seems that an alien invasion is not expected, so I suggest you hitchhike through the galaxy and learn how to go fishing without getting up from a chair.




My childhood passed in Karelia – this region is called the land of a thousand lakes, which is a pretty understatement, because in local history books they usually mean that there are about 60 thousand, along with 27 thousand rivers. Most of these water bodies are more like puddles formed many years ago as a result of the glacier melt. But even in the smallest lambushka you can catch fish, which I did with excitement from the moment I learned how to hold a light “ladies'” fishing rod in my hands.

Fan Art - League of Legends Fishing Heroes

Fan Art – League of Legends Fishing Heroes

Growing up, I gave my heart to another time-consuming hobby – computer games in general and e-sports in particular. Adults who have many different hobbies and work 5/2 will probably understand me: one way or another you have to choose, and now active pastime in the forest, where you can relax, feed mosquitoes and go fishing, is a pleasure for a couple of weekends a year. Fishing in games is always available and is waiting for me in just a couple of clicks.

MMORPG as the meaning of life – fishing in World of Warcraft, Lineage and other games

In older versions of Lineage that are now common on pirate servers, fishing does not give combat bonuses. The most valuable items obtained in this way are A and S-grade gems for crafting. You can get them with a small chance from the chests, sometimes caught on a hook instead of fish. The same profession allows you to unlock hats and additional inventory cells.

On the most popular obsolete L2 chronicles – Interlude, Gracia, High Five and others – fishing rods have different grades corresponding to the level of characters, and are ranked similarly to battle armor. The higher the level of the hero, the more valuable fish he can catch in the waters of Elmoreden. You can gut the prey and get scales, fish oil of different varieties and bones. The ingredients have different values ​​and are exchanged at NPCs for tickets. Ticket Etc i00 0.jpg Proof of Catching a Fish – evidence of fishing, which, in turn, is an additional in-game currency.

Fishing in the outdated Lineage is complicated, expensive, and incredibly interesting. If a user wants to become a master fishing angler, he must not only buy the most powerful fishing rod Triton Pole.jpg for 15 million adena, but also for gold to pump four additional skills – Fishing.jpg Fishing, Pumping.jpg To pull, Reeling.jpg Hook up and Fishing Expertise.jpg Fishing expertise. Is this enough to start the process? No, you also need to kill several hundred monsters on the quest of the city fisherman in order to get floats from him. The third step is the right choice of bait, which depends on the time of day in Elmoreden, the skills of the hero and the desire to catch specific types of fish. With green bait, you will get more Nimble (agile) fish, when fishing on yellow – more Ugly (ugly) fish, and on purple – more Fat (well-fed). Yes, their names are pretty memorable.

Even if you perform all the necessary rituals, stand on a picturesque shore and put your skills on the panel, the character will refuse to independently draw out the long-awaited fish and begin to fake bites. The player will have to participate in the game for reaction and attention.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube “Gray-haired Oleg”

After a successful bite, the user will see a spinning float and a blue strip of health of virtual fish. The prey has two states: it either calms down, or begins to actively resist, which is reflected on the screen. This behavior is very similar to the habits of real large specimens caught on a spinner, but unlike fishing with a spinning rod, the game does not have to “drive” the pike for many hours. The scheme is simple: when the HP value during bite stands still – you need to use Pumping, and if it starts to recover – Reeling. Mistakes are punishable, because when you press the wrong skill, the health of the fish increases in proportion to the damage that you would have done using the right skill.

Sometimes during fishing you can draw out not a fish or a treasure chest, but a monster – he will immediately attack, so playing as a weak character, you risk dying. For some classes, fishing is required: sometimes NPCs require bringing rare species of aquatic inhabitants in exchange for information about the third profession.

Unfortunately, in the current official versions of Lineage, fishing has ceased to be an interesting activity and has become a ritual for all players who often move away from the computer – the characters learned to fish automatically. This increased the popularity of the profession: now most players go to bed, equipping the heroes with a lot of bait and disposable floats. A typical Giran Harbor looks something like this:

Automatic fishing is a process for the sake of the process. From my point of view, the Koreans encroached on the sacred, so World of Warcraft for me has sharply become more attractive in terms of mental pastime.

Fishing at WoW is a lucrative profession. Fish are used by cooks and alchemists, in addition, Blizzard introduced several mounts, which can only be obtained using a fishing rod. In general, fishing does not change much from addition to addition: developers regularly add new types of marine life and bonuses, but they do not touch the gameplay itself. It is already too simple: you just need to click on time when the float goes under water.

You can fish in any body of water and not only – buy a worm even in the fountain of Dalaran. From there, you can catch collection coins, get the toy “Titanium Seal” and thus unlock several achievements. In open locations, it is most profitable to fish from schools – this allows you to find out exactly which species will fall on the hook. Since the cost of ingredients for crafting always varies, at the beginning of each add-on, fishermen race along the beach and “suck” the most valuable schools, disappearing after a few bites.

Float Skins in World of Warcraft

The most successful addon for fishing enthusiasts, I consider Legion. With him, a huge number of skins for floats appeared in the game, special daily tasks and a special reputation system for eminent fishermen. However, it is worth noting that Blizzard began to flirt with this profession back in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor – there the hero’s ally could become Nat Pagle, who bears the title of “great fisherman”. It is possible to agree with him after the total extermination of the sturgeon population in the garrison – otherwise it is impossible to call the capture of such a quantity of fish from a tiny pond.

In Legion, players have the opportunity to get the legendary “Darklight Fishing Rod” – one of the powerful artifacts of the World of Warcraft universe. Besides the fact that it is very beautiful and by default increases the owner’s fishing skill by 15, it has a unique feature that allows you to move to the nearest fishing spot within a radius of 100 m. In the Battle for Azeroth patch, all Legion artifacts lost their strength, only the exception was made for “Fishing Rod of the Dark World” – Blizzard has promised to preserve its properties, and I hope to keep my word in Shadowlands.

In general, most MMORPGs use fishing to slightly diversify the process of getting different items for players. ArcheAge, for example, has a sophisticated feeding and bait system – it differs in quality and price. Professional fishermen go to sea on longboats and therefore run the risk of running into a gang of pirates who, without a twinge of conscience, will rob their ship.

Collective fishing at The Elder Scrolls Online

Collective fishing at The Elder Scrolls Online

In The Elder Scrolls Online, for different types of ponds, you need to select special tackle, and you will have to hunt for bait in the open world – I ran after butterflies and dug worms from under the bushes. For some reason, Bethesda decided to make fishing social: the more people catch fish in one place, the higher the chance to catch a rare specimen. You can’t get up on a random shore with a fishing rod: you need the system to evaluate it as a fish. Because of this, during the passage of quests, there are awkward situations with strangers – with frantic crossing of fishing rods.

Games on the verge of genius – fishing in Minecraft and The Sims 4

Life Simulator The Sims 4 did not disregard such an activity as fishing. It is implemented in the most curious way: the characters simply stand ashore at the command next to the zones marked with plates, and the fish from the hook goes straight into the inventory. The value of the instances depends on the luck of the sims and the skill being pumped.

However, the fishermen in The Sims have a place to take a walk, in addition to fishing: even in the classic version there is a lot of beautiful themed decor, and you can always hang every caught fish on the wall as a trophy. There is also a mermaid addon where you can buy bungalows on the ocean. It is interesting to arrange competitions between Sims – for example, who will catch more fish in an hour or catch the rarest. In The Sims 4 you are your own host, so you can act on any scenario.

Minecraft acts similarly, but in survival mode, you still have the goal of not killing about the first creeper you get. Fishing will help a little in this, but in general, the hero can eat one fish throughout the game session and not even build automatic chicken farms or fountains from pigs. In addition, some fish are used as potion ingredients – yes, pufferfish?

Minecraft Fishing

Minecraft Fishing

I really like Minecraft, and fishing in it is even more. The process itself is very simple: throwing a fishing rod into the nearest puddle, you must watch the float. When someone swims up to him, which will become noticeable by the characteristic bubbles, you need to sharply click on the right mouse button – and with a high degree of probability to expand the range of useless trash in your inventory. Yes, you can catch not only fish – bowls, broken fishing rods, cheap enchantment books and other items will haunt you and hammer your bag during any sorture with a fishing rod.

Are we here for fishing? Raft, Red Dead Redemption 2 and others

In Raft, fishing plays an important role: the character is on the raft, and the fish for him is the only food available until potatoes grow in the boot. But shoes, too, must first be caught with a fishing rod. All players are well aware that the creators of Raft wanted to make a simulator of the song “On a Small Raft”, but in reality they got a game about fishing.

Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 in your hands can be an avid fisherman. The skill required for this will be available in Chapter Three during the A Fisher of Men mission. The process of fishing in RDR2 is not very similar to the real one, although the developers tried. It turned out something similar to Lineage, but in beautiful scenery: the fish should grab the bait, and Arthur Morgan should not sweat much while it resists. Bait is bought from traders or obtained during the game, and for some reason it is believed that small fish bite on bread or corn, and larger individuals are interested, for example, in crustaceans. In life, a large fish and a bare hook can be overlooked if it glistens affably. Rockstar came up with a very gaming motivation: 13 legendary fishes, which are needed to reach, swim in the RDR2 ponds, and you really have to sweat to catch them.

Map of legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2

Map of legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2

For successful fishing in RDR2, it is important to monitor what time of day Morgan goes to the pond – in the morning, biting is better. In reality, some fish become passive at the height of the day, but this rule does not always work, not for all breeds and not for every reservoir. Believe me, if herring went down the Don, then she doesn’t give a damn about the 40-degree heat and bare hooks – several silver backs can be fished from one wire.

Far Cry 5 users can also go fishing, special places for which are marked on the map. Fans of battle scenes have the right to ignore such leisure, as in important quests fishing skill is not needed. Moreover, the system itself is thought out carefully. First, the coolest fishing spots can be found by reading books and exploring the area. Secondly, for fishing, the player opens combat perks – you can quickly pump the character and give it to everyone.

“For men over 40” – special fishing simulators

Many will say: download any of the thousands of fishing simulators for yourself and play for your pleasure. Advice is appropriate, from the series “buy yourself a rubber woman, she is always for it.” Titles in the spirit of Euro Fishing and “Russian Fishing” are attractive for the collection component, as well as the opportunity to change from a dozen locations in an hour, fishing on the lake in Karelia, the Amazon or the Atlantic.

Is the gameplay good in them? Undoubtedly, it is much better than in any MMORPG, if we consider the authenticity of the process. There is only one problem: I feel sorry for spending time on games in which fishing is an end in itself.

Screenshot from Fishing Planet

Screenshot from Fishing Planet

However, in order not to upset those readers who want to know the best fishing simulator for 2020, I will hint: they still have the old Fishing Planet. The game is not without sin, since some bugs in it were not fixed even five years after the release, and for uncontrolled grind it will even have to be donated. But the title itself is free and distributed via Steam – everyone can try.

Fishing is a craft familiar to many that can both feed a person and amuse oneself well. Now the second function seems more relevant, but it is not worth underestimating the benefit of this skill in case of zombie apocalypse or any other force majeure (just kidding). If you, like me, distinguish mormyshka from a balancer, but visit a computer more often than on water, share your observations in the comments, because I have mentioned far from all games on the topic.