Best cosplay 2019-2020

Best cosplay 2019-2020

Cosplay is different. Someone likes high-quality and complex craft, a combination of the image and appearance of the model, the girl’s sexuality, big eyes or charisma. Others drag on shots Zachary Sneaky Scuderi or are waiting for cosplay only on their favorite universes. The editors of chose the best photo shoots of 2019 – everyone will find something to their liking!

The most elaborate cosplay

Choosing the most detailed cosplay, we focused on the complexity of the costume in the original source, as well as on the final picture. It’s not easy to make a good suit, but giving it in such a way that small accessories and authentic seams are not lost at the stage of shooting and subsequent retouching is even more difficult. Best of all, cosplayers Anna Alekseeva, Elena Filippova, Arseniy Kuznetsov-Sergeev and photographer Eva Davydova with a set of Warhammer 40,000.

Cosplay on Saint Silvana, Adeptus Mechanicus. Warhammer40000. Cosplayers: Brickus, Uchiha Madara, Dominion Terran. Source:

Trend of the Year – Cosplay for The Witcher Characters

Images inspired by the CD Projekt RED The Witcher game trilogy and the Netflix series have become a real symbol of the outgoing year. Cosplayers are not limited to Geralt and his sorceresses. For example, a faithful friend of Geralt Buttercup and Priscilla – the one who sang “Tart gooseberry, sweet lilac.” However, this ballad is no longer in trends, now everyone sings “The Witcher pay with a minted coin.”

Cosplay on Buttercup and Priscilla. Source:

The sexiest cosplay

“I don’t need a bed to prove my femininity. I can be sexy just picking apples from a tree or standing in the rain, ”said British and American actress Audrey Hepburn. Many cosplayers manage to show their sexuality in the frame even in full uniforms, although they also do not neglect short skirts and frank cutouts – it comes to the bed as a finishing touch. Among the beauties and the abundance of candid photos it was difficult to choose.

Cosplay by Philippe Eilhart and Triss Merigold. Cosplayers: Velveteen Velours and Catherine Semadeni. Source:

The most esports cosplay

Cosplay at e-sports events is a special magic. It will not work here to cover the falling away details of the costume and to photograph some flaws. The image for attending a mass event should be practical so that you can not only gracefully pose, but also reach the stage where you will be presented. A full selection of cosplay from The International 2019 can be found here, and in our nomination we will mention Nai Siren cosplay from Naiyu.

Cosplay on Naga Siren. Cosplayer: Naiyu. Source:

The scariest cosplay

We already posted on Halloween a selection of “scary beautiful” cosplay, but one of the photosets I would like to note especially. Model Alina Artemyeva showed a very creepy image of Hisako from the fighting game Killer Instinct – blood runs cold in my veins, how creepy and authentic at the same time.

Cosplay on Hisako. Cosplayer: Alina Artemyeva. Source:

Audience Award – Cosplay by Sneaky

The player of Cloud9’s League of Legends roster in 2019 delighted fans with a wide variety of looks. We are pleased that the work of an esportsman from the USA resonates in the hearts of our readers.


While Doters and Lohlers decide whose moba is cooler, we offer just to see good cosplay for these and other games.

League of Legends

At the opening ceremony of Worlds 2018, the musical K-pop group K / DA performed. The video for the song POP / STARS for a year and a half has collected more than 295 million views. No one counted the number of cosplay photos for virtual singers, but the girls love these images. Anastasia Melorin introduced the soloist of the group – Ahri.

Cosplay on Ahri. Cosplayer: Anastasia Melorin. Source:

Dota 2

At the very beginning of the year, photographer Artyom Ovsyannikov published pictures of the amazing Mirana performed by Polina Shlyachina. The tender moon princess sunk into our souls, so it gets a well-deserved place in the top.

Cosplay on Mirana. Cosplayer: Polina Shlyachina. Source:

World of warcraft

Queen Azshara, who has been locked in the underwater palace for many years, has again become one of the central figures in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Pictures of the exciting beauty were published by the photographer SeiPhoto.

Cosplay to Queen Azshara. Cosplayer: Lana Ronina. Source:


One of the most popular images from Overwatch is the vibrant D.Va. In the comments, you often noted that the image of this heroine is not too complicated if you do not make a combat robot with which she enters the battlefield. We decided to add an image from Irina Meyer to the selection of the best cosplay of 2019 – a chic fighting machine in it almost overshadowed the girl.

Cosplay on D.Va from Overwatch. Cosplayer: Irina Meier. Source:

NieR: Automata

In mid-2019, cosplayers were overwhelmed with madness – they all started making costumes for the sexy android 2B from NieR: Automata. One of the first filming for this game was presented by Nikolai Zharov, capturing immediately three heroes – 2B, 9S and A2.

Cosplay on 2B, 9S and A2. Cosplayers: Agnia Severina, Agnia Kardovskaya and Kristina Borodkina. Source:

Several people always work on pictures: the model poses in the frame, others help this magic happen. Photographers, makeup artists and studio workers participate in the shootings. The audience gets the most delicious – frames filled with magic. May there be more good magic in your life in 2023. Happy New Year!

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