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Best Video Games EVAR Nintendo Switch

The best game is a very subjective thing: how many people, so many opinions. Therefore, instead of arranging lengthy disputes and difficult voting, we decided to give the floor to everyone at the editorial office of In this article, the authors will name titles that, no doubt, deserve the highest rating, and in the comments we discuss their choice and put forward their own applicants.


As a child, I was not burdened with such concepts as quality or replayability, and therefore I could enthusiastically spend time even in the most shameful works of the industry. In each of them I found something beautiful and clung to it, turning a blind eye to dozens of problems. Today I understand that I have lived with this perception a little longer than I would like to admit. Dozens of games even from the recent past were remembered by me as diamonds – perfect, infallible. But by launching them now, I regret that many game design solutions in them hardly pass the test of time.

The only game in my top that I don’t need to make an age discount when I meet you is Bloodborne. On March 24, she was five years old, but during this time she had not aged at all. It has a classic souls-like “battle” from the creators of the genre, a brilliant level design and, most importantly, an ENT who is thoroughly imbued with the spirit of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. It is no secret that many developers were inspired by the work of the writer – only a couple of “games about Cthulhu” will have a couple of dozen. However, not one of them was able to get closer to understanding and reflecting the essence of Lovecraft’s mythology in the way that Bloodborne did, despite the fact that FromSoftware never even mentioned the American in the advertising campaign. Such is the paradox.

I devoted a narrative in Bloodborne to half the diploma work at the university, and the game itself has been around a dozen times, but still not tired of it – and even write this text to the soundtrack of one of the bosses. I would like to believe that a thaw in Sony’s exclusive policy will allow Bloodborne to get to the PC once, at least as a PS5 advertisement, which in theory could lead to a sequel. Because this game is a timeless masterpiece, which everyone should have the opportunity to meet.

Text: Vladislav “Machinae” Animal


Return to Castle Wolfenstein

I do not really like to evaluate games – this is an ungrateful thing. I have many favorite games, and each one is good in its own way, but what 10/10 means is a mystery to me. Therefore, I will call the one that first made a huge impression on me, and it was Return to Castle Wolfenstein, released in 2001.

I first met her at the age of 7-8: a second cousin played in her, and I sat next to her and watched. At that time, Wolfenstein seemed incredibly creepy to me: I did not dare to play it myself. Fascists, all nightmarish evil spirits, and even no allies – scary, cut down.

And the game is truly unique: here you have occultism, bioengineering, fascism, an interactive environment, charismatic characters, and visual level design, a lot of weapons, and even stealth! It was not necessary to look for logic in the plot of the game in childhood, so everything seemed incredibly steep, and the missions were amazingly diverse: Wolfenstein Castle itself is not so much here.

The shooter is impressive even after years: Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a game that you re-pass with pleasure every time, you just don’t notice its stiffness. 10/10.

Text: Alexey lope Borisov


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I am of the opinion that no game is worth 10/10. There is nothing perfect in the world, including titles. But there are projects that I want to give if not the highest score, then as close to it as possible. For me, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has become such a game.

I never really liked titles for a single passage. DotA, Counter-Strike 1.6, Lineage 2 and other similar projects attracted much more than games in which you need to dive alone. I met The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim around 2013, and the first impression was negative. The “angular” graphics and the hostile, unknown world that caused a lot of questions due to the lack of experience in such games, immediately discouraged the desire to get a little insight into the essence. The path of young Dovakin ended without even starting – in an attempt to get to Whiterun I died at the hands of a giant and closed the game, forgetting about its existence.

The second chance The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I gave a few years later, during the period of the so-called impotence of the game – when you want to play something, but absolutely any title evokes only negative emotions. Having prepared a mug of hot tea, I began to try again to understand the Bethesda RPG. This time I played in the Special Edition, and the graphics no longer looked “angular,” and the world, if you look at it a little more carefully, turned out to be interesting and bewitching, and not just hostile.

Later, I participated in the war of the Empire and the Storm Brothers, which greatly surprised me with its scope, and then even found out that I was a dragonborn. Then I did not think that because of Skyrim for several months I would forget about real life and completely immerse myself in an amazing fictional world, exploring every corner of it. Subsequently, I repeatedly passed the RPG from Bethesda, and also got acquainted with the games of other developers, the desire to try out which appeared after Skyrim. In total, ten out of ten Fus Ro Dah.

Text: Vladislav Fesh Danilyuk


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Not every game deserves the cherished full ten, because sometimes even the gamers and critics themselves are not sure what the objective ideal should be. Most often, this assessment is approached by large-scale, maximum quality titles with fascinating gameplay. This is how I see The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

After trying to convince me that there weren’t any good games on the Nintendo Switch and that it was generally worth taking a PlayStation 4, Breath of the Wild made a huge impression on me. She knows how to surprise at every turn thanks to small details like grass cut from the swings of a sword or the ability to get a lightning strike when playing in iron armor in the rain. What can we say about gameplay diversity with a lot of mechanics – here Link is able to climb waterfalls and climb mountains, and in general he has a paraglider and a motorcycle, almost like Batman.

With all this, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild remains a serious RPG with an open world and many additional tasks, hidden objects and puzzles. It is quite possible to spend more than a hundred hours in it, without really touching the story campaign. As a result, BotW can be called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which Apple made – in the game world, Nintendo is responsible for the quality of small things and the convenience of the end user.

Text: Daniel Smacked Praise


Sid Meier’s Civilization V

I believe that it is impossible to build the only correct system for evaluating games of different genres. Anyone will be subjective, and in the comments there will certainly be a person who does not like the schedule, the plot, or the gameplay features. There are times when a user was unable to install one or another title on his computer, did not want to understand the tutorial, and “plummeted” to zero without hesitation, “in salt” lowering the ideal rating on the review aggregator.

I dearly love Sid Meier’s Civilization V and would give her 10/10 without hesitation. I am inspired by the graphics, which may seem very simple to lovers of realism in 3D. I am encouraged by its simultaneous complexity and simplicity – in the first days of acquaintance, especially if you have not tried other parts of the series, you can just play a “fun farm”, build houses and develop your states. The deeper you plunge into the game, the more difficult it becomes – until you learn all the features of rulers, it will take months.

I really like that the Civilization series is not only a game, but also a good educational material. If you read all the footnotes in Ziva, it will seem that he personally visited the incredible wonders of the world and participated in the great wars. The strategy has a multiplayer mode for those who like to compete or play games with friends, as well as solo challenges. The only minus of Civilization V is the ten-hour games, which you have to finish in the morning, and then go to your favorite job.

Text: Anastasia allestron Bismuth


Did not find your favorite game? It’s okay – write about her in the comments and tell why she is worthy of the highest rating. And next time the second half of the team of authors will share their opinion. Can you guess which games they choose?

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