Nikita Daxak Kuzmin said that he could join the team Ilya Lil Ilyyuk. In a conversation with

Nikita Daxak Kuzmin said that he could join the team Ilya Lil Ilyyuk. In a conversation with Dota 2

Nikita Daxak Kuzmin said that he could join the team Ilya Lil Ilyyuk. In a conversation with rookie composition Ninjas in pajamas on Dota 2 also explained what difficulties the roster faced and how the game in the team works.

– When you were called to Ninjas in Pajamas, you had doubts about whether to agree? At least due to the fact that this is an English-language composition.

– I wanted to try to get out of my native CIS, where my reputation was spoiled Gambit esports and Winstrike team. I really won the qualifications with Winstrike not in the best way, there were problems with confidence and so on. So I decided it was time to change something.

– Do you feel comfortable communicating in English during the game?

– Now it’s much easier. Yes, at first it was difficult, but now it’s better. I still use some simple words, but I understand teammates, and I hope so too.

Daxak Shaped Ninjas in Pajamas
Source: Ninjas in Pajamas
Daxak Shaped Ninjas in Pajamas
Source: Ninjas in Pajamas

– Have you had any suggestions besides NiP?

– Lil offered to play together, a couple of organizations from the CIS offered to create their own composition. And they still called from Korea — I wanted to go there, but then I thought ten times and realized that to go to another country, to players with whom you can’t even work out because of ping, is risky.

– And what was this composition?

– That’s the joke that there were players whom I don’t really know.

– On streams and on twitter ppd behaves quite toxic. How much does this image of him correspond to the real Peter?

– Hard to tell. Sometimes he makes fun of the enemy. But in the CIS teams really sometimes *** the enemy, and this then affects the game – they begin to make mistakes because they lower the opponent’s skill, begin to think that he is too dumb to press the buttons. Ppd, even when eroflit over others, still continues to take the game very seriously.

– How does he lead the team during the game? Is this different from what CIS captains do?

– I’m not sure that I’m acquainted with some captains from the CIS, because in the oldest Gambit squad – since ALWAYSWANNAFLY – I was a novice and did nothing, but with Fng, Vanskor etc., the game was mainly led by me.

Ppd basically somehow corrects our game. It brings more benefits outside the game. Plus ppd is responsible for peaks. We do not have a coach, so all the duties associated with the drafts are in St. Petersburg. He sometimes consults with us, but in fact the last word is still his.

Peter ppd Daguerre
Source: DreamHack
Peter ppd Daguerre
Source: DreamHack

– What differences between European teams and CIS teams have already caught your eye?

– Here they trust each other more – even if you make the most complete game, the team will follow you, and only then, after the match, it will make a complaint. There is no such trust in the CIS. With us, no matter how hard you try, you can still do less during the match.

– On paper, you were among outsiders of European qualifications. Did you expect inside the team that everything will turn out so well?

– Honestly, I don’t know. When we first got together, we didn’t succeed. Plus then Biver decided to leave. I played KV with Biver for two days, and then he decided to leave for Chaos. OK.

Searched for a player – found Lelis. Eventually UNiVeRsE had to change the role, and even then it didn’t go right away. The situation began to improve only after three or four days, then we began to show a good winrate.

Nikita Daxak Kuzmin
Source: Epic Esports Events
Nikita Daxak Kuzmin
Source: Epic Esports Events

– Judging by the dates when you said in an interview that you had begun a black streak in life, ppd already wrote to you. Didn’t you believe in the team then?

– Yes, this was just the beginning, and nothing worked out for us. It happens – you play, and you do not go at all. And then at some point, something clicked, we began to correct errors, to become better.

– The announcement of NiP was written in very strange words. Explain that you are now the team’s stand-up, or have you already joined it on an ongoing basis?

– It’s hard for me to answer. The results of these two tournaments will become clear. I can’t say it yet.

– How do you like UNiVeRsE after switching to the Quartet?

– He had to do this because we simply did not have candidates for the Quartet. These roles – the Quartet and Offlainer – are all the same plus or minus: both the characters are similar and the style of the game. At first it was difficult for him, but now it has become easier. He doesn’t have such a large pool, and for the most part he asks him to take some kind of off-lineer like: “Let’s get the“ three ”with the“ four ”to be swaped?”. But I think that with time he will get comfortable.

UNiVeRsE in the previous Ninjas in Pajamas
Source: DreamHack
UNiVeRsE in the previous Ninjas in Pajamas
Source: DreamHack

– Sumail once said that in Dota 2 it is very important to be able to take risks. You love a more calm, measured style of play …

(Interrupts) Well, not quite. I take risks very often, just in most of these situations I say to the support: “Stand in front of me and die for me.” But this is still a risk – I am still in a dangerous position, but I am putting a teammate in front of me. Support should die for the bark – that’s fine.

– Have you watched the qualifiers in the CIS? Can you highlight someone’s game?

– I can only blather and say about Gibkiy. Flexible on the minor – well done!

– And what’s about Natus vincere and They will play the major too, what do you expect from them?

– Generally no idea. I played HF with them, and that with Gambit, that with NAVI, that with VP it turned out about the same. But in the end, Gambit barely made it to the major. And how to make forecasts here?

Source: StarLadder

– You have not been to the bootcamp with the team yet. Will you even have it in front of a major?

– Yes, right after this tournament we will go to America. But I may not have time to get a visa. I hope that at least I can get to the major.

– What task did the team set for ppd for the upcoming tournament from WePlay?

– I do not know what to expect from this tournament. I want to take not the last place. If we can guarantee ourselves a place in the top 6, we will set new goals: top 4, top 2 and so on.

Daxak joined Ninjas in Pajamas at the end of January. With him, the team took third place in the qualifiers for ESL One Los Angeles 2020 for Europe and got a slot in the championship. On February 19, the team will start a performance at WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon against match Nigma.

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