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In January of each year, the portal publishes a list of the top 20 players based on the results of the past season – a kind of analogue of the Golden Ball in football. Traditionally, those who have achieved success name young talents who are expected to break through in the near future. Whom esportsmen have most of all hyped in different years and what fate awaited promising newcomers in the end – in the material



Two Major Finals and VAC Blocking (2013)

In 2013, the first and second places in the list of the best players according to the version of were taken by a wide margin by the Swedes from the legendary roster Ninjas in Pajamas… Topped the list Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund, a Patrick f0rest Lindbergh located next. Both esportsmen named the most promising player Denis seized Kostin, who joined in mid-2013 Natus Vincere… Over the next few years, the Russian proved over and over again that the legends were not wrong. NAVI, together with Kostin, twice reached the major finals (Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca 2015 and MLG Major Championship: Columbus), but they could not raise the coveted trophy over their heads.

The seized situation in the Ukrainian club changed significantly in August 2016, when Daniil Zeus Teslenko joined Alexander s1mple Kostylev… Kostin took over the duties of the captain, but he could not reveal himself in this role – the individual statistics fell, and the hat community for the kick of the legend from the roster only grew. In 2017, the Russian left NAVI, and with it the shooting range-1 CS: GO scene. Over the past years, Kostin has played for various well-known tags from the CIS, but in no team was he able to stay longer than a couple of months. In 2020, seized advocated for organizing Cyber ​​legacy, but in December the club dropped the roster. Now Kostin plays with the team under the tag Trident Clan.


In the same season, the French of Armenian origin Khovik KQLY Tovmasyan received huge attention from the players from the rating. In 2014, the sniper began showing why. KQLY constantly delighted fans with bright highlights: jumpshots, smoke frags and other miracles made the audience rejoice with happiness. The only one who did not appreciate the talent of the Frenchman was the anti-cheat VAC, who banned his account. Valve, as expected, banned the player from participating in any official competitions under the auspices of the company, and Tovmasyan’s career came to an end. KQLY currently lives in Los Angeles and runs a premium car rental business. We hope that in this area the Frenchman will not get involved in dubious stories, otherwise the ban may be worse. And we will forever remember his pashaBiceps head jump shot in the decisive round of the map at ESL One Cologne 2014!

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