How to make a movie on the games better?

As you know, Assassin’s Creed film adaptation has met a mixed reaction. Russian gamers simply adore cloaked and hooded assassins Renaissance times, so fees in domestic theaters have been very impressive. You can not say about all the rest of the world. In general, as always hope to China.

Last year, exactly the same situation was with Warcraft. Feverish attempt creators of movies both ways (to observe the canons of legendary lore, and the MMO RTS, and thus add Hollywood wow-effect a la Lord of the Rings) ended not so much a complete failure, but the fees would be and more. And significantly.

Adaptation of the biggest games – it is laborious and complicated. Directors, writers and producers often stumble on the same rake: gameplay features and the pace of developments in video games. Adapt it for full-length movies, which can afford to keep the audience in the dark hall of a maximum of 2 hours is almost impossible.

Here are a few simple examples of gaming conventions, it is absolutely clear to every gamer, but inexplicable from the standpoint of film fans, avoiding video games. Skyrim. The protagonist – the Dragonborn. It would seem that unique person, in whose birth the dragons were involved, should have higher status and be able to turn off the neck with his bare hands to anyone …

…But no. Begin to come in a simple shirt, shackled and with maximum rusty hatchet. Even a victory over the seedy wolf in such circumstances would seem a great achievement. Only after 80 hours of gameplay can feel Dragonborn with a capital “D”.

How to push the 80 hours of side quests in the motion picture lasting 1 hour 45 minutes, but still manage to express itself an epic story in which there is not only a revival of the ancient reptiles, but also the conflict of the Roman counterpart to the Vikings?

Another example – Metal Gear V. Snake – a great spy: he led his subversive activities during the time of an exacerbation in Cuba.

He has not only enemies, but also powerful friends in many secret organizations of the world. So why the serpent is obliged to start the next chapter of his adventures with the shitty vintovochkami and the same feeble pistol? Before you can see a fascinating story missions with giant robots, half-naked women or stolen negrityatami, you will be obliged to bail out another boring specialist.

And here will take effect the principles of the Italian plumber: “The princess in another castle, Mario. Try again. “You have saved a pupil of the legendary gunsmith, Snake.

Now once more Search the yonder Soviet outpost in which you’ve been 6 times. Gamers all this close and understandable, because with the original arsenal in the tanks, helicopters and heavy infantry not trample. But as the show purely gaming character development and unhurried during the events in the movie?

In our opinion, the most obvious and logical answer is obvious: do not do it properly! In cinema it is necessary to use the advantages of certain gaming universes, but do not try to copy exactly the specific events of the game, as most of the thorny path leads to a deadlock.

Returning to the example of Warcraft (namely RTS, instead MMO). Even in the days of the third part of good cutscenes were a great rarity, and only in the first and second ENT existed in the form of text briefings, well, or he expounded enthusiasts from Blizzard on the forums first.

And part of this endless texts tried to pack in Warcraft – it is not surprising that the majority of the audience, not to play the legendary strategy, nothing is realized.

So once again: the universe, rather than specific events. From this point of view, an ideal adaptation of the game can be Uncharted. Skeptics gloat: mylnoliky Nathan Drake can withstand a direct hit from a rocket launcher and restores health over 5 seconds – as it is displayed in the movie !?

Ha. Pistol tried to scare dear skeptics. What about Indiana Jones’ ability to survive almost a direct hit by a Soviet nuclear bomb, hidden in the refrigerator? Flash, shockwave, a lethal dose of radiation – all of this great doctor uneasy.

So here’s the recipe for success: to make absolute copy of Indiana Jones, only the main character is replaced by Nathan Drake. Especially because the doctor himself Jones – extended leave, and come out of it only in 2019 year (Disney ruined Harrison Ford in pozaproshlogodnih Star Wars, but plans to resurrect it in the Indiana Jones V a couple of years). Drake might try to catch up to Jones, and rip big jackpot.

More than two examples – XCOM and Dark Souls. In XCOM there are no main characters as such, but there is a great setting, including even the vile organization collaborators who are only too happy to sell into slavery aliens. This detonating mix remains to add only Toma Kruza and Metta Deymona with a few personal stories – and the trick is done. In a sense, everything will turn out.

Thanks to the Internet (and in some ways even memes) dark world Dark Souls is well know not only gamers, but also part of the public relations for video games practically not available. The main character in a series of Souls is also very convenient for the film: it is zombie, an empty shell, which nicherta not remember from a past life. This is a great option for writers: in the movies, you can play the classic card will be gradually decreasing amnesia and memory recovery against the backdrop of gothic castles and grotesque monsters.

The main cinema guru error while that remains the same: they are completely sure that the game can be transferred to a movie, they say, one to one. But it is worth noting: learn from mistakes. Of course, today, many people like to argue about Assassin’s Creed and Warcraft – they say, there seems to play? And in general – is it worth watching? However, suffice it to recall the notorious adaptation of Uwe Boll (well, that he with of BloodRayne, as well !?) to realize that the industry has come a long way. Just need to give her a little more time.