How to get the player to believe in his character

If you can force the user to immerse themselves in the game reality, he will forgive you everything and defects in mechanics, and a modest selection of weapons / armor, and a variety of small flaws. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to work hard, and (to start) to study in detail the future of the characters.

Step 1: working on a theory

The first and most important factor that we should not forget – canonical characters. If you are self-invented game universe and its characters, then you can safely skip this paragraph and move on. However, if your project is based on existing stories (books, film), make sure to gather as much useful information about the characters , their character, behavior and characteristic features.

This will not only get good feedback from fans laid the basis for the work, but also greatly simplify the process of immersion in the game. Striking example of this – South Park then: Stick of the Truth , where the characters are recognizable, not only because of its appearance, but also the manner of behavior and conversation.

How to get the player to believe in his characterHow to get the player to believe in his character

Step 2: think over action

All NPC in the game are like dolls or robots perform cyclical repetitive actions? Such permissible only in online games, where the presence of the effect can be achieved by other players. If we are talking about the single-player off-line project, the characters should be as the living: to move, to enter into dialogue with each other, have some habits in different ways to respond to the main character.

For example, in Stardew Valley residents may be reluctant to talk to the player, as will be busy with their chores.For example, in Stardew Valley residents may be reluctant to talk to the player, as will be busy with their chores.

Step 3: Create an image

Each character is a good game – it’s not just a set of sprites and textures, is a person with his history, demeanor, charisma. If the difference between how a landlord and a ragamuffin from the slums will be limited to the replacement of the name of atmospherics can forget forever. To avoid such a cliche, you can:

  • Add character characteristic words. If the hero is a gentleman and received a good education, his vocabulary should not be limited to two or three words, and speech – to simple sentences. In an emotional speech teenager will abound exclamations, while the word drunkard may contain deliberate errors, showing that the person drunk.
  • give voice to characters. However, if you have planned to do in his voice acting game, make sure that the chosen tone suited the character. If he is a foreigner, you can add him to focus, an elderly lady – senile chatter, the usual character – burr, stuttering, excessive emotionality.
  •  In general, anything that will make it more memorable and helps highlight the background of other characters. But, again, it should be done carefully so as not to have a situation, as in the Russian-language voice acting Dragon of Age: Origins .
  • diversify appearance. To understand what was going on, just look at Grandia 2 . Although the game was released a long time ago, but look how carefully approached the development of the characters. All the girls are presented in a frame – Servants of the Church and have the same shape. However, this is not a reason to do all of them Siamese twins. If there is a common core sprite enough to add a couple of minor details (hairstyles, hats, clothing color, etc.), and in front of us already are five different girls.
How to get the player to believe in his characterHow to get the player to believe in his character

Step 4: Down with the idealization

Remember, the more “perfect” is a character, the worse it will be perceived by the players. Interest is unusual personality with their mistakes, behavioral problems, the ups, downs and attitude to different situations. These characters look more alive, more human.

They are (in contrast to the clichéd “perfection”) believe and empathize. This means that the process of immersion in the game is more active. For example, take the already mentioned Grandia 2 .

Appears to us at first prim and haughty priestess of the outcome is far from being a “Righteous”, which tries to build itself out. It’s funny, it’s interesting, it’s stored. And how many there are games where the main character – a walking ideal? Definitely not.

Obviously, even the priestesses nothing human is alien.Obviously, even the priestesses nothing human is alien.

Step 5. Find inspiration just

The prototype of your character may well be around or acquaintances. Let one hero masterly ability to borrow whistle inherit from another sharp wit, and a third, for example, the name or a part of history.

So, before you are no longer a gray faceless thing, and a full-fledged personality that will be of interest not only to you but also to others. Moreover, this principle concerns not only the main characters, but also the side. Look around you, life around you is in constant motion, even if you do nothing it does not do. Just to be in the game.

Step 6: Look the part

To understand whether harmoniously fits your character you invented in the universe, just stop. Secure all their achievements on paper and show them to someone from friends. A fresh look always reveal inconsistencies and roughness of the presentation, the author simply can not ignore.

Moreover, different people give different assessments: some focus on the story part, the other – on the exterior, and others – on the abilities of physics. Therefore, the more the “critics” see your achievements, the better.

Even if your budget is small game, quality crafted world and inhabit it interesting characters make a far greater impression than the intricate mechanics and dazzling graphics.