How to get dragon tears in Valheim

Tears of the Dragon in Valheim are a fairly rare and valuable item. During the Early Access phase, they are used to craft the Craftsman’s Workbench, which will craft high-level gear and elements to create a Spinning Wheel, Blast Furnace, and Windmill. To get the tears, you have to thoroughly explore the mountain biome, and defeat the dragon Mouder in battle. It is from her remains that dragon tears are extracted.

Mouder is one of the bosses that will require you to find three dragon eggs to summon it. They should be placed on an altar located in random ruins. It is worth thoroughly preparing for the battle with her. In particular, it will not be superfluous to acquire the Megingyrd Belt from the itinerant trader Haldor. The belt will allow you to increase the carried weight, and thereby place three eggs in your inventory at once, so as not to run after each separately.

In addition, you need to cook mead of frost resistance, and stock up on fire arrows – they are very effective not only against Mouder, but also against other inhabitants of the mountain biome. You will also need a set of Wolf armor, or at least part of it, to protect against frostbite. After collecting dragon eggs, and finding the altar, you need to place them in special bowls in a random order. The altar itself is a runic circle depicting dragons fighting people.

The best tactic against Mauder is to attack from a distance to minimize damage taken. In addition, in flight, you can only get it with a bow. In the air, it attacks with frosty breath, which, reaching the ground, turns into ice shards that explode after a few seconds. On the ground, a claw attack is added to the frost breath. After defeating Mouder, 10 dragon tears can be taken from her body.

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